SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Meet Apollo! This big snuggle bug is iHeart Dental’s cutest staff member. Dr. Misty Steale and her husband Erich Perez, owners of iHeart Dental, are the dog parents of Apollo, and their five other American Bulldogs, including the newest addition baby Zaya. A big family full of love and puppy kisses galore!

Apollo is a trained service dog who is a hardworking member of the iHeart Dental staff. He ensures patients have little to no anxiety when coming to the dentist. Apollo will nuzzle his was up to you and never leave your side to make sure you’re feeling safe and relaxed for your appointment. What a good boy! And don’t worry, Apollo, baby Zaya, and the rest of their American Bulldog family get tons of treats for a job well-done!

To make an appointment at iHeart Dental you can go to their website or call them at (912)449-1133.