The day quickly turned to night at The Savannah Jazz Festival, but the Quentin Baxter Quintet was ready to light up the stage on Saturday.

Grammy Award-winning drummer, producer, composer, and educator, Quentin Baxter comes from a family of drummers and even says that he can’t remember a moment where drums weren’t in his life in some capacity—and it shows.

Baxter’s passion for worldwide performance can only be compared to his dedication to educating, promoting, producing, and presenting world-class artists from his hometown and nearby communities. He draws inspiration for his musical prowess under the wings of regional legends and mentors like Robert Ephraim, Oscar Rivers, Jr, Lonnie Hamilton III, George Kenney, Dr. David Maves, Teddy Adams, and Delbert Felix.

Some of his most recent albums include Art Moves Jazz (2022); Charlton Singleton – Crossroads (2022) and Soul Cavern (2013); Marcus Amaker, Quentin Baxter – Muscle Memory (2022), Empath (2018), and The New Foundation (2014), and Ranky Tanky – Good Time (2019) and Ranky Tanky (2017).