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Which Greenworks leaf blower is best?

Clearing your yard of leaves is an excellent way to maintain its curb appeal. Still, raking can be strenuous and may hurt your back. Luckily, leaf blowers make the job easy.

Greenworks has a wide selection of affordable leaf blowers, but you’ll want to compare the most popular models before making a decision. The top choice is the Greenworks 40-Volt Cordless Leaf Blower, a powerful model with an included battery and charger.

What to know before you buy a Greenworks leaf blower

Corded vs. cordless 

Corded leaf blowers tend to be more powerful than cordless models. These are usually lightweight since they don’t have a gas engine or battery. Still, the cord can get in the way and may be limiting if you have a large yard.

Cordless leaf blowers are convenient and easy to use. They may be slightly heavier than corded blowers but are lighter than those powered by gas. The cordless design makes it easier to handle the blower, although the battery life may be an issue for those with large yards. Many cordless blowers last around 15 to 20 minutes on a single charge.


Gas leaf blowers’ vibrations may lead to fatigue. These blowers may excessively vibrate if something goes wrong with the motor. On the other hand, electric blowers, like those made by Greenworks, have virtually no vibration, so they’re easier to handle.

The lack of vibration makes these leaf blowers quieter than gas-powered ones. Greenworks blowers can be used earlier in the day without disturbing your neighbors.

    What to look for in a quality Greenworks leaf blower


    A leaf blower’s cubic-feet-per-minute and miles-per-hour ratings are essential considerations.

    The cfm rating is the air volume a blower will move. Leaf blower’s with higher cfm move more leaves at once. Greenworks’ blowers often have between 130 to 350 cfm.

    The measure of how far your blower will push the leaves is determined by the mph. Leaf blowers with high mph ratings can easily blow leaves even if they’re wet. Still, you may not need a blower with a high mph if you have a small yard. 

    Variable speed settings

    You can adapt blowers with variable speed settings to particular jobs. If your leaves are wet, you may need to increase the speed. On the other hand, if you’re removing a minor patch of leaves from a small yard, you may want to lower the speed.

    Ease of use

    Electric leaf blowers are easier to use than gas blowers. Still, you’ll want to buy one suited to your particular needs. If you have a large yard, a cordless blower with a long battery life may be the easiest to use. If your yard is small, you may be best off with a lightweight, corded blower. Some leaf blowers feature comfort grips or multiple handles that make them easier to use.

    What to do with leaves after using a leaf blower

    • Collect them in a tarp: Blowing your leaves into a tarp makes disposal easier. Once you’ve collected leaves in a tarp, you can haul them away. Rather than taking your leaves to a landfill, consider reaching out to a neighbor to see if they want them for compost. 
    • Mulch them and add them to your garden: Blow your leaves into a few small piles and mulch them with your lawnmower. Adding these mulched leaves to your garden reduces weeds, prevents compaction and protects your soil from severe temperatures.
    • Curbside leaf pickup: Some areas have particular bins you can place your leaves in to have them picked up once a week. Other places offer curbside leaf vacuuming. If your city vacuums leaves, blow them into small piles near your curb without obstructing the road or sidewalk.

    How much you can expect to spend on a Greenworks leaf blower

    You can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$250. Powerful blowers are often more expensive than those meant for small lawns.

    Greenworks leaf blower FAQ

    Why does my Greenworks leaf blower keep shutting off?

    A. The most common cause is a faulty battery. In this case, you may need to buy a replacement battery. Over time, the motor’s brush may wear down, causing it to stop; this is less common and can only be resolved by replacing the blower’s motor.

    How do you remove the battery from a Greenworks leaf blower?

    A. Many have a green or gray button on the battery that you can press to release it.

    Can you use a leaf blower to dry a car?

    A. Using a leaf blower to dry a car is safe since they don’t contain a heating element. Still, you’ll want to avoid blowing dirt and debris on your vehicle.

    What’s the best Greenworks leaf blower to buy?

    Top Greenworks leaf blower

    Greenworks 40-Volt Cordless Leaf Blower

    Greenworks 40-Volt Cordless Leaf Blower

    What you need to know: This is efficient and light enough to use with one hand.

    What you’ll love: It is rated at 135 cfm and 150 mph. It features variable speed settings. The cordless design makes it easy to maneuver. The flat nozzle delivers air where it’s needed.

    What you should consider: It isn’t as powerful as heavier blowers.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

    Top Greenworks leaf blower for the money

    Greenworks 7-Amp Single-Speed Electric Blower

    Greenworks 7-Amp Single-Speed Electric Blower

    What you need to know: Most people were pleasantly surprised by this blower’s power.

    What you’ll love: It is rated at 150 cfm and 160 mph. It’s lightweight and easy to use. This can clear debris up to 50 feet.

    What you should consider: It doesn’t feature variable speeds. Numerous people received faulty units, although it was easy to get a replacement.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

    Worth checking out

    Greenworks 40-Volt Brushless Cordless Blower

    Greenworks 40-Volt Brushless Cordless Blower

    What you need to know: This seamlessly switches between the blower and vacuum settings.

    What you’ll love: It is rated at 340 cfm and 185 mph. This runs for up to 21 minutes on its high setting. The vacuum setting is efficient as long as you only use it on dry leaves.

    What you should consider: The bag isn’t airtight, and lets leaves fall out.

    Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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