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You’ll love cooking with a cast iron griddle when it’s properly seasoned

The large cook surface, raised sides and outstanding heat retention of a cast iron griddle make it the ideal cooking tool. However, stuck-on food can be an issue. That’s why a cast iron griddle needs to be seasoned with oil before you use it to prepare your favorite meals. 

Seasoning cast iron is easy to do and can be accomplished with various types of cooking oils or specialty oil products. In this article: Lodge Cast Iron Griddle, Lodge Seasoning Spray and Clark’s Cast Iron Seasoning Oil.

Why should I season my cast iron griddle?

Cast iron is known for its durability and ability to withstand high cooking temperatures. However, it has its drawbacks including not being stick-resistant in its raw form and being prone to developing rust. That’s where seasoning comes in.

Seasoning is the process of baking layers of oil on the surface of cast iron cookware. Besides providing a nonstick surface, seasoning also produces a smooth black patina and protects cast iron from rusting. 

Many cast iron cookware pieces are bare when they are new, and must be seasoned prior to use. However, some cast iron manufacturers pre-season their cookware before it’s sold to consumers. Such pieces can be used right out of the box, but it’s still a good idea to season pre-seasoned cast iron skillets, pots, griddles and other cookware. 

How to season a cast iron griddle 

Baking oil onto the surface of a griddle or other cast iron cookware is a process called polymerization, which produces carbonized oil. It requires cooking oil such as corn, vegetable or canola that has a high smoke point and produces a long-lasting patina. Another option is specialized cast iron oil.

Wash your griddle

Layers of oil will stick to cast iron surfaces when you start with clean cookware. Begin the seasoning process by hand-washing your griddle with warm water and soap. Rinse it until all of the soap is removed, and dry it with a dish towel.

Put oil on the griddle

Apply the oil sparingly to the interior and exterior of the griddle. A thin layer is ideal to prevent it from feeling sticky.

Bake the oil onto the griddle

Heat the oven to at least 450 degrees and place the griddle upside-down on a rack. Place a baking sheet or another type of ovenproof pan under it to prevent oil from dripping onto the oven’s heating element. Bake the griddle for an hour. 

Repeat the process

Most new cast iron griddles will require several layers of carbonized oil for excellent seasoning. Repeating this process three to four times should suffice. 

Care for your cast iron griddle properly

When cooking food on your griddle, using ample amounts of oil will enhance the seasoning on its cooking surface. Hand-wash the griddle with soap and water after use, and dry it thoroughly. Do not let it soak. Use a chain mail scrubber to remove tough buildup without damaging the seasoning. If your griddle ever begins to lose its oil-based patina, apply a bit of oil after it’s washed and dried or re-season it. 

Best cast iron griddles and products to season them

Best Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Made by a top brand in cast iron cookware, this griddle is crafted to last a lifetime. It comes pre-seasoned but can easily be seasoned again. It’s large and reversible with flat and grill sides.

Sold by Amazon, Sur la Table and Home Depot

Best Lodge Seasoning Spray

Lodge Seasoning Spray

This canola oil is made especially for seasoning cast iron. It’s packaged in a nonaerosol bottle with adjustable settings that make it easy to spray just the right amount onto cookware. The finish it creates is long-lasting, protective and resistant to stuck-on food. 

Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Sur la Table

Best Clarks Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

Clark’s Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

With a unique coconut oil formula, this seasoning oil isn’t likely to spoil like some other options. It’s formulated to protect cast iron cooking surfaces while it creates a stick-resistant coating. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Victoria Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Victoria Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Add a bit of seasoning to this griddle’s pre-seasoned surface and you’ll be ready to cook. It’s reversible and large enough to cook generous portions of food. 

Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Macy’s

Best Happy Belly Canola Oil

Happy Belly Canola Oil

If you prefer to season cast iron cookware with traditional canola oil, this is the option to pick. The bottle contains 128 ounces of oil so there’s plenty left over after you season your griddle for cooking some of your favorite recipes. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Raw + Rare Food Grade Mineral Oil

Raw + Rare Food Grade Mineral Oil

Some home chefs that cook with cast iron prefer to season it with classic mineral oil. This 32-ounce bottle of food-grade mineral oil is also good for other household purposes.

Sold by Amazon

Best Happy Belly Vegetable Oil

Happy Belly Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is also a good option for seasoning your cast iron griddle and other cast iron cookware. With this bottle, you’ll get 128 ounces for seasoning multiple pieces and other cooking uses. 

Sold by Amazon

Best AmazonBasics Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

AmazonBasics Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Roomy cooking space, dual sides and a durable build make this cast iron griddle a good option. It comes pre-seasoned but can be seasoned easily with your favorite oil to increase durability.

Sold by Amazon

Best The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner

The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner

A chain mail cleaner is a must-have gadget for anyone who cooks with cast iron. It removes build-up and grit without stripping seasoning when appropriately used. Made of durable stainless steel, this one isn’t likely to develop rust.

Sold by Amazon

Best Caron & Doucet Cuisine Cast Iron Oil

Caron & Doucet Cuisine Cast Iron Oil 

This cast iron oil is made of refined coconut oil that doesn’t leave behind a detectable flavor and isn’t likely to become rancid. Although it’s not the best choice for cooking at high temperatures, it’s easy to use to produce a nice patina. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Crisbee Puck Cast Iron Seasoning Oil and Conditioner

Crisbee Puck Cast Iron Seasoning Oil and Conditioner

If you prefer not to work with liquid oils when seasoning cast iron, this product is worth considering. It comes in solid form in the shape of a puck that is easy to apply to cookware. It’s made with a combination of oils and beeswax that don’t smoke too much during seasoning and cooking. You’ll get two pucks for the price. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Overmont Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Overmont Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Slightly smaller than other cast iron griddles we considered, this model is versatile for preparing different types of meals and snacks. It’s pre-seasoned but can be seasoned again once it arrives for a finish that holds up well to frequent use. It’s also dual-sided with both flat and grilled surfaces. 

Sold by Amazon


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