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Which coffee maker is best?

From its deep, rich aroma to the final drops in the cup, coffee is one of the morning’s best pleasures. If you are one of the 150 million coffee drinkers in the U.S., you understand how important picking a good coffee maker is. But when comparing a Hamilton Beach coffee maker with a Bonavita coffee maker, which is best?

While both brands are simple to operate and function as expected, the difference is the complexity of the final brew.

Hamilton Beach coffee maker

Hamilton Beach coffee makers have a well-founded reputation for no-nonsense, affordable design. Founded in 1910, this company has steadily made refinements to its coffee maker designs, adding features that appeal to both casual caffeine consumers and die-hard daily coffee fans.

Coffee makers range in price from single-serve machines at $50 to cafe-style pour-over options that are $200 or more.

Hamilton Beach coffee maker pros

The flexibility of Hamilton Beach machines means that you can use grounds in a filter basket, reusable K-cups or prepackaged coffee pods.

Coffee makers with a reservoir can brew a single cup of coffee in less than two minutes or brew into a metal carafe or glass reservoir. 

The price is right for these hardworking machines, too. 

Hamilton Beach coffee maker cons

The biggest complaint is that the flip-up lid for adding water is too tall to fit under cabinets. Some coffee drinkers didn’t like the look of the coffee maker.

Although some coffee makers are programmable, only the full-pot side of Hamilton Beach’s two-way brewing system has this option.

Best Hamilton Beach coffee maker

Best Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker 

Brew a single cup or a full pot with this two-way coffee maker that uses grounds or K-Cups. Customize your brew strength for coffee that’s just right for you. Coffee in the pot stays warm for two hours with an automatic shut-off for safety. The carafe side can be programmed so that coffee is ready when you wake up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Hamilton Beach Brewstation Dispensing Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Brewstation Dispensing Coffee Maker

This innovative machine brews coffee directly inside of it. No more broken carafes — just 12 cups of delicious java. It has a stop-serve function that lets you grab a cup while it’s still brewing, and the coffee stays warm for four hours. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This single-serve coffee maker is great for small spaces. The mug rest is adjustable and accommodates up to 14-ounce containers for coffee. It comes with a reusable mesh filter that also doubles as a scoop. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Bonavita coffee maker

Bonavita’s clean lines and sleek styling are just two features that set them apart from other machines. They take their cue from coffee shop technology to produce a complex, flavorful brew right at home.

Bonavita coffee makers specialize in full-pot brewing with either traditional hanging baskets or a pour-over option.

For this level of brewing and design, expect to spend $150-$200.

Bonavita coffee maker pros

The pre-infusion mode “blooms” coffee before it brews which results in a more rounded, flavorful cup.

The simplicity of its function is appreciated by many coffee drinkers, as is its elegant design.

Bonavita coffee maker cons

The price of these coffee makers can be challenging for some. This might be best reserved for serious java junkies.

Some users report leaking or broken lids on the carafes, while others find that the thermal carafes do not keep coffee hot for a long time.

Best Bonavita coffee maker

Best Bonavita Metropolitan 8-Cup Coffee Maker With Glass Carafe One-Touch Pour Over Brewing

Bonavita Metropolitan 8-Cup Coffee Maker With Glass Carafe One-Touch Pour Over Brewing

The 1,5000-watt heater creates and maintains the perfect brewing temperature for coffee-shop quality fresh pour-over coffee. The pre-infusion mode blooms coffee grounds so the most flavor is extracted. This machine looks sleek on the counter.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

The wait is over: A full carafe of coffee is ready in just six minutes with this 8-cup machine. The showerhead design covers coffee grounds more evenly for better flavor. The stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee hot without continuing to cook it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best Bonavita 5 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe One-Touch Pour Over Brewing

Bonavita 5-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe One-Touch Pour Over Brewing

This brews 40 ounces of coffee directly into a stainless steel carafe. This smaller capacity still delivers big flavor, as it has the same design as larger Bonavita machines (e.g., pre-infusion mode and showerhead brewing design). This is good for smaller households.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Hamilton Beach coffee maker or a Bonavita coffee maker?

If you are less concerned with gourmet taste and want the convenience of a quick morning cup of coffee, the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is best for you. However, for coffee connoisseurs, a Bonavita coffee maker is a better choice.


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