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Are Bartesian or Drinkworks cocktail makers better?

Pod coffee makers are no longer a fad but a morning staple for most households. Realizing the consistent popularity of the single-use coffee machines, Bartesian and Drinkworks leaped at the chance to create an automated cocktail maker with easily inserted pods and a simple interface. They made cocktails easy in a step-by-step process of combining pods, water and alcohol into one small machine. It’s an effortless way to impress houseguests, serving them a bar-quality drink in a classic mug. The question is, what sets these cocktail mixers apart and which of them is ultimately the better investment?

Bartesian cocktail maker

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker was crafted by a company that’s solely focused on optimizing its cocktail machine. There is only one model available for $350 at Macy’s. The robotic drink maker only needs a cocktail capsule, water and any alcohol of choice to operate.

Bartesian pros

The Bartesian is easily operated with customization options that ensure sublime cocktails. This machine is highly user-friendly and only takes a few steps and less than 60 seconds to operate. You must insert a Bartesian cocktail capsule, and the machine will automatically read the barcode on the top of the capsule. You can customize the drink strength, and a beverage with your exact preference will pour out.

Whenever running low on capsules, ordering more is easy through a subscription service that offers multiple packs of cocktail capsules monthly.

Aside from its primary functions, the cocktail maker has many detachable components that make for an easy clean. These components snap together in a sleek design meant to match the aesthetic appearance of most kitchens.

Bartesian cons

There is only one model to choose from with one set price point. The drink capsules are single-use and can be expensive to replace constantly. Aside from the capsules, liquor is not included in the capsules and must be purchased separately.

Best Bartesian cocktail maker

Barteisan Premium Cocktail Machine

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine

Not only does this cocktail machine use pods with the precise amount of ingredients, but you can also adjust the drink strength. It’s easy to clean manually while also including dishwasher-safe parts. Worries about your environmental footprint? The Bartesian pods are dated for freshness, as well as recyclable. 

Sold by Amazon

Drinkworks cocktail maker

Drinkworks Home Bar is made by Keurig and serves drinks in a similar style to the Bartesian. Drinkworks has two models available, the Home Bar Pro and Home Bar Classic. The Home Bar Pro has additional features that set it apart from the Home Bar Classic, although both machines are Wi-Fi capable and have corresponding apps for customer convenience. You can find the Drinkworks Home Bar Pro on Amazon for $350. Drinkworks Home Bar Classic is available for $300.

Drinkworks pros

The biggest perk of the Drinkworks Home Bar is that the pods already contain alcohol. Each pod lists the alcohol content and ingredients. New drink flavors are being added constantly to the lineup, and there are themed and seasonal releases of cocktails year-round. The drink maker can also craft ciders and beers for those who are more partial to less spirit-forward drinks. Alcohol-free beverages can also be crafted using the CO2 cartridges that come with the product.

Drink creation aside, Drinkworks is conscious that their single-use pods are convenient for people but not the environment. Collaborating with Loop Industries, they offer an upcycling program to divert the pods to a location where they can be broken down and reused.

The Drinkworks cocktail makers are also crafted with style in mind, having a modern design that will sit proudly on any kitchen countertop.

Drinkworks cons

It is recommended to put ice in the water dispenser because the machine can take time to chill. Like the Bartesian, buying pods for the machine is a recurring cost and can be pricey depending on how often you use the machine.

Drinkworks has more features than the Bartesian, which gives it more options but makes it more complex to use. Maintenance takes more time, and cleaning and replacing cartridges is a consistent responsibility.   

Best Drinkworks cocktail maker

Drinkworks Home Bar Pro

Drinkworks Home Bar Pro

When deciding between the Drinkworks Home Bar Pro and the Drinkworks Home Bar Classic, the Drinkworks Home Bar Pro is the better-optimized machine. It has built-in water refrigeration and can make up to seven cocktails in a row without a refill. The touch screen is digital, and the machine is outfitted with a UV sanitizing system. This model of the cocktail maker is better suited for parties and more regular use.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Bartesian or Drinkworks cocktail maker

Although Drinkworks cocktail maker has more options with its seasonal blends, ciders, beers and carbonated beverages, it does not have the easy charm of the Bartesian cocktail maker. Positive reviews of the Bartesian are more consistent, and satisfaction of the simple drink maker is highly rated. The Bartesian can be conveniently supplied, operated and cleaned and serves as the most practical choice for everyday use.

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