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Which photo albums are best for wedding pictures?

We humans have a nasty habit of forgetting, even when we want to remember every detail of something. Take weddings, for example. They’re supposed to be among the happiest days in a couple’s combined lives, but the details of it will always slip away in time. 

The best way to fight against this fading of memory is to take as many photos as possible. You can always store these images in a digital album, but a physical photo album gives you and your partner something to create together and is more satisfying to flip through than swiping a screen could ever be.

In this article: HoneyTolly Photo Album, Potricher Photo Album and Innocheer Photo Album.

Photo album types

There are three types of photo albums.

  • Self-adhesive albums have pages pre-covered in a layer of adhesive that’s protected by a plastic film. To add a photo you simply peel back the film, apply your picture and replace the film to protect it. These are the easiest albums to use but you need to be careful when applying, as it can be difficult to unstick your photo. Additionally, the adhesive tends to yellow with age and can trap dust and other debris while you’re applying a photo.
  • Slip-in albums have pre-affixed pockets you slide your photos into. These are great alternatives to those worried about adhesive issues, but as the pockets are preset there’s no way to get creative with your photo placement. They’re the most common type.
  • Scrapbook albums are similar to self-adhesives in that you have total control over the placement and orientation of your photos, but you use little corner stickers that stick to the page and hold your photos down. Some albums include corner stickers while others don’t. These albums’ only real downside is the time it takes to put together.

Size and page count

Photo albums come in a range of sizes and page counts. The smallest can only hold a single picture per page while the largest can hold several. 

When shopping, consider how many pictures you want to add to the album and get one just big enough to hold that amount, or you’re wasting money on empty space.

Also consider where you’re going to store the album, such as a bookcase or coffee table, and make sure the album you choose can comfortably fit there.


The binding of your photo album has a major effect on how long it lasts and a minor effect on its aesthetics. There are four main binding types.

  • Book bindings are the most durable as they’re stitched together. They also seamlessly mesh with the rest of the books on your shelf.
  • Glue bindings are a less durable form of book bindings. The glue will weaken with time and as you flip through the pages, but it does tend to cost less. Also like book bindings, it looks great on a bookshelf.
  • Spiral bindings are solidly durable and reasonably priced. They’re best left on a coffee table than slid in a bookshelf, but some spiral bindings are hidden behind a faux spine should you want to stick to bookshelf storage.
  • Ring bindings are essentially binders that you can add pages to as you go. These are great if you want an album that starts at your wedding but spans years. They’re best left laying flat.

Page color

Most photo albums have pages that are some shade of white as it’s a neutral color. You can find albums that use other colors of pages or get ring-bound albums to add pages of your chosen color.


Small, limited photo albums can cost as little as $10 or less, but these likely aren’t big enough to tell the full story of your wedding. Better but basic albums cost up to $30. The best albums start around $30 and can hit highs of $300-plus.

Best photo albums

Best Aevdor Photo Album

Aevdor Photo Album

This small slip-in photo album can hold up to 64 4-by-6-inch photos through 32 pages. It comes in five colors and has a journal-like strap to keep it closed. Sold by Amazon

Best HoneyTolly Photo Album

HoneyTolly Photo Album

This self-adhesive album comes in two sizes with both sizes having a 40- and 60-page option plus a 120-page option for the larger size. It also comes in 15 colors. Sold by Amazon

Best Innocheer Photo Album

Innocheer Photo Album

This scrapbook album has 80 black pages that help your photos really pop and comes with either a black or brown cover in either 8- or 12-by-12-inch sizes. Sold by Amazon

Best Kiera Grace Jocelyn Photo Album

Kiera Grace Jocelyn Photo Album

This slip-in album can hold a gargantuan 400 4-by-6-inch photos with five photos per page. It’s perfect for weddings that hand out disposable cameras for the service and/or reception. Sold by Amazon

Best Pioneer Photo Albums Fabric Photo Album

Pioneer Photo Albums Fabric Photo Album

This slip-in album has a window to display a key photo of your wedding, plus can hold up to 200 additional 4-by-6-inch photos. Each photo slip has space for a small note about the photo. Sold by Amazon

Best Pioneer Photo Albums Embroidered Photo Album

Pioneer Photo Albums Embroidered Photo Album

Another slip-in album from Pioneer, this one has “live, laugh, love” embroidered into the leatherette cover. It still has the window display, 200 photo limit and space for a note by each photo. Sold by Amazon

Best Potricher Photo Album

Potricher Photo Album

This slip-in album has a soft linen cover that comes in 15 colors and strong binding to stand the test of time. It can hold up to 100, 200, 300, 600 or 1,000 4-by-6-inch photos depending on the size. Sold by Amazon

Best Recutms Photo Album

Recutms Photo Album

This slip-in album comes in five forms made up of a mix of sizes, orientations, materials and maximum photos holdable. All of them have a photo window in the front and space for notes about each picture. Sold by Amazon

Best Vienrose Photo Album

Vienrose Photo Album

This slip-in album can hold up to 100, 300 or 420 4-by-6-inch photos depending on the size purchased, plus it comes in 10 colors and has a photo window on the cover. Sold by Amazon

Best Ywlake Photo Album

Ywlake Photo Album

This slip-in album comes in 11 colors and eight sizes that can hold as few as 50 4-by-6-inch photos or as many as 1,000. The larger albums have front windows that can display four pictures instead of one. Sold by Amazon

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