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Which modern throw pillow is best?

If you want to add modern style to your space, throw pillows are a budget-friendly way that can bring an instant upgrade. They are customizable, easy to change out and offer a big impact for a small cost. The Cygnus Farmhouse Decor Stripe Pillow Cover is the best, bringing modern materials to a classic silhouette. It works with a variety of styles while maintaining its modern edge.

What to know before you buy a modern throw pillow


Make sure that you know the dimensions you want for your throw pillow. If you want a pillow cover only, make sure it will fit with your space and the pillow form insert you want to put inside. For a fuller look, get a pillow cover up to 2 inches smaller than your insert.

If you go with a throw pillow that includes the pillow form, this is less of an issue.


Modern style needs modern fabrics and finishes. Leather, tufted cotton and textured fabrics all deliver a modern feel. Many designers also combine contrasting materials, such as cool leather and rustic cotton, to bring an unexpected edge. Just make sure you know how to clean the material, especially if it is something high-maintenance such as leather or velvet.


Modern throw pillows don’t have a lot of embellishment or over-the-top design features. They often feature straight lines and classic shapes, though you can find some with extra design elements, such as abstract shapes in on-trend colors. Overall, modern design focuses on clean lines, color and shape, rather than cute messages or themes.

What to look for in a quality modern throw pillow


Quality textiles come down to superior craftsmanship. Look for modern throw pillows that have reinforced stitching and secure closures. This is particularly important for pillows and covers that can go into the washing machine. If you see a throw pillow with fraying seams or visible threads, it may not last very long even if it offers great style.

Ease of cleaning

Throw pillows can get dirty just like anything else. Look for one that can be laundered to make sure it always stays looking its best. Some throw pillow covers can be put right in the washing machine while others must be hand-washed. Professional laundering is the most expensive way of cleaning, but it may be required depending on design features or fabric.


Modern looks are often more subdued than other styles, making neutral colors and materials popular. Look for a modern color palette that complements other colors in your home. If you prefer a bolder accent color, look for a more subdued shape or design to let the color be the star.

How much can you expect to spend on a modern throw pillow

Throw pillows are available between $20 for a set and more than $50 for a single pillow. Materials and size play a big role in overall cost. Pillows with inserts also tend to be more expensive than pillow covers.

Modern throw pillow FAQ

Should I get a throw pillow cover or a throw pillow with insert?

A. You can find great options with or without inserts. If you want to customize your comfort by getting a throw pillow insert with a certain thickness or material, look for a throw pillow cover separately. This lets you mix and match to suit your preference. If you already have an insert, getting a new throw pillow cover is an inexpensive way to update your decor. 

If you are starting from scratch, a throw pillow that includes the insert is the most budget-friendly, convenient option.

When should you replace throw pillows?

A. If you can launder your throw pillow cover and insert, its life expectancy is based on the quality of the fabric and construction. If you start to see fraying edges or stains, it is time to replace it. A good-quality throw pillow lasts for years with regular cleaning.

Throw pillows that cannot be washed will likely need to be replaced more often, based on how quickly they get soiled. If you have small children or pets, this may be as soon as every few months.

If you sleep on a throw pillow, it is important to consider how well it supports your head and neck. If the pillow no longer maintains its shape, it is time to replace it.

What’s the best modern throw pillow to buy?

Top modern throw pillow

Cygnus Farmhouse Decor Stripe Pillow Cover

Cygnus Farmhouse Decor Stripe Pillow Cover

What you need to know: With multiple sizes available, this mixed-material pillow has clean lines that complement modern decor. 

What you’ll love: The zipper closure is easy to use but subtle enough not to distract from the overall look. The striped material comes in black, grey or navy blue. The mix of vertical lines and horizontal stripes maintains visual interest.

What you should consider: These are a set of pillow covers only. You will need to purchase or provide separate throw pillow inserts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top modern throw pillow for the money

Miulee Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

Miulee Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

What you need to know: The simplicity of the shape plus the velvet material make this set of two pillow covers a modern go-to option.

What you’ll love: With 27 colors, there’s one for every room. The covers are machine-washable for easy cleaning, although you will need to air dry. They don’t have any embellishment or special designs, something that works with a lot of modern decor.

What you should consider: The colors can be quite vibrant, something to think about if you prefer a neutral look.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth Checking Out

AllModern Tracey Square Cotton Pillow Cover And Insert

AllModern Tracey Square Cotton Pillow Cover And Insert

What you need to know: This is a convenient way to add comfort, and a tufted cotton front adds style.

What you’ll love: The textured pattern provides visual interest while still maintaining the modern look of the monochrome pillow. It comes in multiple sizes and colors.

What you should consider: It’s expensive considering it is just one pillow, but does include a polyester fill pillow insert. It requires professional cleaning, adding to the overall cost.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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