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Should you get an X Rocker gaming chair or a Razer gaming chair? 

Any serious gamer knows they will only be comfortable in front of the TV or PC when sitting on a proper gaming chair. An office chair might be fine for short bursts, but it can’t compare to the technology in chairs dedicated to gaming.

The gaming chair is a relatively new invention, launching as a “world first” in 2006. Taking inspiration from racing car seats, several gaming accessory companies have put their own spin on the design. Razer has a vast selection of gaming peripherals, while X Rocker primarily focuses on gaming chairs. But how do the two brands stack up against each other?  

X Rocker gaming chairs

X Rocker has a variety of gaming chairs, but the most popular are the floor rockers and the pedestal chairs. Its traditional gaming chairs are labeled as office chairs, so that could discourage players from taking a look. But there are three distinct styles.

X Rocker gaming chair pros

A wide selection offers you the choice of chair to suit your gaming style. The floor rockers and pedestal chairs are best for console gaming in front of a TV, while the traditional office chair model is perfect for computer players.

Even though there are only three gaming chair styles, the materials used are robust, and the padding is thick. The Agility model comes with an adjustable lumbar cushion, the Stinger is affordable, and the Echo XL is designed for heavy-duty use for long gaming marathons. 

X Rocker gaming chair cons

The floor rockers and pedestal chairs, while useful for console gamers, are packed with gimmicky elements. For example, the Typhoon has Bluetooth connectivity to pair the seat with your console to use the four built-in speakers — but it needs to be close to a wall socket.

The office chairs lack padded armrests, and only one model comes with a lumbar cushion and head pillow.

Best X Rocker gaming chair

Best X Rocker CXR3 2.1 Dual Audio LED Gaming Chair

X Rocker CXR3 2.1 Dual Audio LED Gaming Chair

For an immersive experience, this gaming chair has two Bluetooth speakers built into the headrest, compatible with most gaming consoles and Bluetooth-enabled computers. It comes with a head pillow and an adjustable lumbar cushion. The armrests are adjustable in four directions, and the chair can recline to 150 degrees. The seating area and backrest are made from synthetic leather and double stitching.

Sold by Amazon

Worth considering for console players

Best X Rocker Gamma 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Recliner Chair

X Rocker Gamma 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Recliner Chair

This console gaming chair has sturdy upholstery on the seating area and backrest. The armrests are padded, and a cup holder is on one side. It comes with a lumbar cushion for added back support, and the headrest has some extra foam padding. On the side of the chair is a built-in control panel where you can adjust the volume, connect a wired headset and charge any USB devices.

Sold by Amazon

Razer gaming chair

Best bedroom gaming accessories

Unlike X Rocker, which primarily focuses on chairs and gaming-related bedroom accessories, Razer makes a wide selection of gaming extras, such as headsets, keyboards and mice.

Razer gaming chair pros

Razer’s chairs generally have a striking design, and if you go for any of the black and green versions, Razer’s official color is used for the stitching, while in other versions, the stitching is black. Tapping into Razer’s affinity for predatory animals, the backrests have a textured feel, resembling a snake’s scales.

The padding is relatively thick, and the synthetic leather is durable and easy to clean. Depending on the model, Razer’s motto, “For gamers. By gamers.” is embroidered onto the front of the seat.

Razer gaming chair cons

A regular sponsor of international gaming events, Razer is well-known in the industry. The wide selection of durable products has won several awards, but it comes at a price. Diversifying inventory is great for the bottom line, but that doesn’t leave much room for innovation. For example, Razer only lists two chairs on its website. 

Best Razer gaming chair

Best Razer Enki All-Day Gaming Comfort

Razer Enki All-Day Gaming Comfort

The Enki is Razer’s newest gaming chair and features an Alcantara dual-density cushioned backrest and seat, with synthetic leather for the trims. The shoulder arches extend to 100 degrees, and the seating area is 21 inches wide. The chair reclines up to 152 degrees.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get an X Rocker or Razer gaming chair?

Razer and X Rocker have similar pricing for their office gaming chairs, and neither seems to inflate the value. However, the built-in speakers on the X Rocker come across as a gimmick rather than an actual selling point. If it didn’t have those, it might cost $100 less.

On the other hand, neither of Razer’s chairs come with a head or lumbar pillow. However, the material, stitching, and additional trimmings of Razer’s offerings feel more durable and have a great aesthetic.

So it actually might be an excellent strategy for Razer to have a minimal model selection, as it can invest more time and money into perfectly fine-tuning the two chairs. In X Rocker’s case, mass production brings down the chair’s price, but it offers little that other manufacturers such as Respawn and GT Racing don’t.


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