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Which bungee cord is best?

Bungee cords are an excellent method to secure items without the need for complex knots. They’re quick and easy to use and just as quickly come off while providing more than enough tension to keep items tied down. You need to understand how aspects such as length and diameter affect a cord’s performance so you can purchase the right one.

The best bungee cords are the Strapright Carabiner Bungee Cords. The carabiner ends make it easy to secure these cords to just about anything.

What to know before you buy a bungee cord


Bungee cords can be as short as a few inches or as long as hundreds of feet, and that’s before you take into account how far they can stretch. When shopping for a cord, remember to keep both unstretched and stretched lengths into account.


The thicker the bungee cord, the stronger it is. However, it also makes stretching it harder and limits how far it can stretch. Few bungee cords are thicker than half an inch. A good rule of thumb for shopping bungee cords is the more secure your items need to be, the thicker your cord should be.


Bungee cords typically come in packs, though you can still find individual cords if you search. Most packages include between two and five cords, though 10-cord packs are also common. The largest packs can include two dozen cords or more and are usually in multiple lengths and thicknesses.

What to look for in a quality bungee cord

Outer material properties

The inner material of a bungee cord is an elastic core that gives it its stretchiness. The outer material varies with some having properties necessary for your intended usage.

  • Ultraviolet resistance is good for camping and other situations that see your cords in constant direct sunlight.
  • Water resistance is a requirement for bungee cords used around the water. It’s good for durability’s sake but better for keeping mildew from setting in.
  • Abrasion resistance is best to have if you’re securing rough and jagged objects.


Bungee cords use a variety of end pieces called connectors. The most common connectors are carabiners or simple hooks. The material of the connectors varies as well; it’s usually plastic or metal with metal being better but more expensive. Some connectors are also designed to prevent or limit the chances of scratching your things.

The best connector for you is one that fits your planned anchor point. For example, a small hook that barely fits around a large ring is going to leave your items dangerously unsecured.


Outside of looking pretty, selecting bungee cords based on color is an excellent way of keeping multiple cords organized. It’s easier and faster than trying to keep all your cords stored in separate containers.

How much you can expect to spend on a bungee cord

They can cost as little as $5 or as much as $50. Most individual cords cost $15 or less while the average multipack costs $20-$30. The best cords in multipacks typically cost $40-plus.

Bungee cord FAQ

What are the most common uses for a bungee cord?

A. Bungee cords can be used for any situation you’re creative enough to apply them to. That said, there are three situations more common than the rest: security, exercise and camping.

  • Security sees them used to, well, secure items; mostly to cars, but water-based vessels are also common.
  • Exercise sees them used in all manner of equipment as the muscle strength needed to stretch thick cords makes for a great workout.
  • Camping tends to require rope for all manner of reasons; bungee cords are just easier to use.

What is the elongation rating?

A. The elongation rating is a measurement of how much a bungee cord can stretch. It’s given as a percentage of its unstretched length. For example, a 20-foot cord with a 25% elongating rating can stretch up to 25 feet long. The thinner the cord, the stretchier it tends to be.

What’s the best bungee cord to buy?

Top bungee cord

Best Strapright Carabiner Bungee Cords

Strapright Carabiner Bungee Cords

What you need to know: The cords are excellent, but the real draw is the carabiner connectors.

What you’ll love: The carabiners are easy to use and they can be hooked together to make extra-long cords. They come in black or yellow and in a six-pack of 60-inch cords, a six-pack of 36-inch cords, or a six-pack of three 60- and 36-inch cords each.

What you should consider: A few consumers reported these didn’t stretch as much as they should. Others had issues with frayed cords if they rub against rough items.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bungee cord for the money

Best Cartman Bungee Cords 24-Piece Assortment

Cartman Bungee Cords 24-Piece Assortment

What you need to know: This set covers as many bases as possible without breaking the bank.

What you’ll love: The cords included are two 40-inchers, two 32-inchers, four 24-inchers, six 18-inchers, six 10-inchers and four canopy ties. Every cord is color-coded to length so you don’t struggle to grab the one you need. They come in a storage container.

What you should consider: Some customers reported a strong chemical smell that dissipates slowly. The plastic hook connectors are short and on the weaker side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Sgt Knots Marine-Grade Shock Cord

Sgt Knots Marine-Grade Shock Cord

What you need to know: If you need a cord without connectors, grab this one.

What you’ll love: It comes in sizes as short as 10 feet and as long as 1,000 feet and in diameters as thin as 1/8 of an inch and as thick as 9/32 of an inch. It also comes in 19 colors.

What you should consider: A few purchasers had issues receiving cords that weren’t the color, length or diameter they ordered. The longest cords may come in pieces tied together.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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