Which swinging camping chair is best?

Swinging camping chairs are perfect for if you want to go camping but still have some comforts of home available. There are a number of different price points, materials and features to look for in swinging camping chairs. The DEERFAMY Swinging Camping Chair is a stellar swinging camping chair — it’s easily portable and can hold up to 350 pounds.

What to know before you buy a swinging camping chair

Benefits of camping chairs

Some of the top benefits of camping chairs include versatility, warmth and comfort. Swinging camping chairs work well for sporting events, music festivals and tailgates, and these camping chairs can keep you warm on cold nights, since they raise you off the ground. They also provide a more comfortable alternative to sitting on the ground.

Chair weight

Some swinging camping chairs are heavier than others. Look for lightweight swinging camping chairs that are about 2 pounds if you have weak arm muscles, poor balance or limited mobility, or if you’re hiking a long distance to your camping space or taking a chair to a music festival. Heavier swinging camping chairs are acceptable if you just want to use the chair for tailgating or camping in spaces that you can drive up to.

Weight limit

All swinging camping chairs come with a maximum weight limit. The weight limit differs from one chair to another, but it’s typically somewhere from 200-300 pounds. There are some swinging camping chairs with larger weight limits, but they’re more difficult to find.


Camping chairs are made with different materials. Most of these chairs have nylon seats with aluminum or steel frames. Some swinging camping chairs have foam padding inside the chair. Make sure the foam isn’t closed-cell foam, since this kind of foam doesn’t absorb any water and will get soaked through if you’re stuck in the rain.

What to look for in a quality swinging camping chair


Well-padded swinging camping chairs allow you to lounge for several hours, but there are some chairs out there with little to no padding, which isn’t very comfortable for long periods of time. Keep in mind that comfortable chairs tend to be heavier, so you need to think about what matters more to you: comfort or portability. Lighter swinging camping chairs tend to be more portable, while padded chairs are comfortable but heavy.

Chair height

Some swinging camping chairs are taller than others. Lower chairs work well for campfires, while taller chairs work best for sitting at a table, so think about how you plan on using your chair. If you plan on purchasing swinging camping chairs for your entire family, you should buy each and every person chairs that are the same height.


Swinging camping chairs come in a diverse array of different patterns and colors. You certainly shouldn’t compromise on quality to find the color of a swinging camping chair, but if you locate a high-quality camping chair with a print or color you like, it can make it more enjoyable to use. 

If you buy a swinging camping chair that has a distinctive look, it will be much easier to recall which chair is yours and less likely that someone else will accidentally take your chair.

How much you can expect to spend on a swinging camping chair

Swinging camping chairs vary in price from about $10-$150. The most inexpensive swinging camping chairs cost about $10-$20, while midrange chairs vary in price from about $20-$60. High-end swinging camping chairs go for $60-$150.

Swinging camping chair FAQ

How should you care for a swinging camping chair to ensure it lasts a long time?

A. Swinging camping chairs don’t require much maintenance or care, but you should make sure that the chairs are always dry and clean before packing and storing them away. The chair could have problems with mildew or mold if you don’t clean and dry them before storing them.

Are there child-sized camping chairs?

A. Yes, there are a wide range of small camping chairs that are created specifically for kids. These smaller camping chairs are a better size for kids, and they’re able to get in and out of them safely without help. Many kid-sized camping chairs come in fun prints and designs that appeal to kids of all ages. These chairs also take up less room in your car and are simpler to transport during hikes.

What’s the best swinging camping chair to buy?

Top swinging camping chair

DEERFAMY Swinging Camping Chair

DEERFAMY Swinging Camping Chair

What you need to know: This swinging camping chair from DEERFAMY can hold up to 350 pounds and comes with a stand included.

What you’ll love: This chair features a carrying bag for easily transporting the chair for road trips, car camping, campsites and the backyard. The chair comes with durable curved back support, multilayer protection and multilayer stitching.

What you should consider: This swinging camping chair doesn’t have much of a swing and doesn’t come with a headrest.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top swinging camping chair for the money

Rio Foldable Hammock Chair Lounger

Rio Foldable Hammock Chair Lounger

What you need to know: This swinging camping chair from Rio is meant to provide hammock-style seating.

What you’ll love: This inexpensive chair includes a sturdy steel frame that’s simple to fold, rust-resistant and powder coated. The chair is portable and lightweight for easy transportation, weighing only 11 pounds.

What you should consider: Some of the stitching on this chair breaks fairly easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Alpha Camp Hammock Camping Chair

Alpha Camp Hammock Camping Chair

What you need to know: This swinging camping chair from Alpha Camp comes with a cupholder.

What you’ll love: This camping chair offers a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and is meant to provide hammock-style seating. The chair uses unique lifting technology and a sturdy iron structure.

What you should consider: This chair leans way back, which isn’t ideal for some customers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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