CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Tensions ran high outside Quinton Simon’s home on Friday afternoon as protesters clashed with the family. Meanwhile, investigators searched for little Quinton’s body at a nearby landfill.

Video shows Quinton’s grandmother and his mom sitting outside of the home in lawn chairs as protestors shouted from across the street. The family has put up a makeshift fence and posted a no-trespassing sign across it.

Protesters have been outside the home for the past week or so and hardly a car drives by without honking. Protesters have pierced the peace of what 21 days ago was a quiet neighborhood. 

“We want justice, we want to know where this baby is at,” Wanda Boatright told WSAV on Wednesday.

Boatwright has been shouting at the family in Quinton’s home since last weekend. She’s one of the four protestors who were arrested. She was back protesting two hours later after her arrest on Saturday.

Protesters told WSAV that Quinton’s grandmother was smoking cigarettes outside of the home and was ignoring the protesters.

Friday, the FBI released several new photos as some 100 different people from law enforcement continue to search the landfill. Similar to the past couple of weekends, searchers will take the weekend to reset.

Investigators will return Monday morning, as the search enters its third week. Police won’t tell WSAV how much trash they’ve examined or if they’ve found anything relevant to Quinton’s case.