SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Quinton Simon’s mom was at a Tybee Island bar Tuesday night just hours after federal agents left a landfill looking for the body of her 20-month-old little boy. 

Wednesday, day two of that search started at sunrise with agents who are specially trained to look for evidence among the trash. 

Wednesday night, they told WSAV that they had wrapped up for the day. On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said this process could take weeks. That day, the search went on for hours. 

Federal agents were lined up raking through garbage again on Wednesday.

Leilani Simon, the only suspect in her son’s disappearance, her mother Billie Jo Howell and others were at StingRay’s, a popular Tybee Island bar on Tuesday night just hours after the search for Quinton wrapped up.

WSAV learned from the people who waited on them that they took shoots, got flirty and even demanded one waiter’s phone number. The group allegedly ran up a tab worth $300.

The Investigative Unit obtained a picture that shows the missed call to the waiter’s phone from Howell. 

Howell told a group of Tybee Island police officers that the WSAV Investigative Unit was starting to annoy her. 

WSAV found Howell leaving a Tybee Island hotel. She didn’t stop to talk to us then and though it says she read a text message sent to her about Tuesday night, she didn’t text us back either. 

Just over a week and a half ago, Howell got into an emotion-filled argument with Quinton’s babysitter over the possibility of planning a memorial for Quinton. At the time, police had not said they believed Quinton was dead.

Last night..the party, according to the waiters, ran up a tab of over 300 dollars, while protestors stood in front of this house, demanding justice for Quinton. 

There are so many people asking, why hasn’t this mom been charged? The Chatham County Police Chief told me yesterday, when police filed charges in this case, they don’t want any of those to get hung up on a technicality.