CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Wednesday will mark three weeks since WSAV first told the story of Quinton Simon. It is a case that started with a missing little boy that is now a criminal investigation. 

Tuesday, investigators wrapped up their search of the Chatham County landfill where they believe the child’s body was dumped. There are lots of pieces to this story that police simply don’t want to tell WSAV.

Police believe Quinton was put in a dumpster, but where?

His mom is the prime suspect, but why?

Lots of people have questions about how the police have handled this case, and here’s what WSAV’s Investigative Unit knows.

Twenty days ago, this was a story about a little boy who went missing, his mom claimed he had been taken. But that story didn’t stick long.

“Leilani’s story doesn’t add up,” Quinton’s grandmother, Billie Jo Howell told WSAV on Oct. 6, during the beginning days of the search for Quinton.

Howell had custody of Quinton and had left town prior to him going missing. However, she left Quinton in their southwest Chatham County home to be looked after by her daughter, Quinton’s mo, Leilani Simon. 

What WSAV has learned about Quinton’s mom, dates back years.

Leilani was evicted for not paying rent in Long County in 2019. In 2020, Leilani was charged with breaking into a trailer and stealing money. Last year, Leilani was arrested in North Carolina, accused of stealing cigarettes, a soda, and popcorn from her job. 

She was on probation for two different cases.

Leilani and Howell got into a fight over a washing machine, according to a police report. The report also called Leilani a thief. Her own brother told the officer, Leilani steals money to buy drugs, according to the report. 

A day later, grandma wanted Leilani gone. That grandmother was seen in a viral video taken just days after Quinton went missing where she was arguing with Quinton’s babysitter. At that time, Quinton’s grandpa called Leilani a liar.

“It’s bad to say, but she just likes to lie,” Quinton’s grandpa said.

Howell was there when this picture was taken of Leilani and her at a Tybee Island Bar. The wait staff says they were drinking and flirting.

The police believe that Quinton — whose mom said he was taken — was taken to a trash dumpster and thrown in like garbage. And his body is now somewhere in this dump. 
Police haven’t arrested or charged anyone in this case. So many people are looking at this police department now, asking why?