CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — A new sign went up in front of the home where Quinton Simon was last seen. It is there as a warning to protestors after Chatham County police promised to return peace to the neighborhood. 

A ‘No Loitering’ sign now stands right in front of the home where the toddler was last seen over a month ago.

Last week, in a series of tweets, the Chatham County Police Department said they were going to begin enforcing county ordinances to remove protestors from in front of that home. 

Police enforced two ordinances: Chapter 18, Article IV Parade and Public Assembly Ordinance and County Ordinance 11-03 Loitering.

Another new sign appeared outside the home today, a gate-sized banner, apparently from the family, mentioning one of the Youtube creators who talked about the case. 

Meanwhile, police say the landfill search for the missing child’s body will be suspended on Thursday, as Tropical Storm Nicole is expected to bring heavy rain to the area. The search will pick back up next Monday.