SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Police arrested Quinton Simon’s grandmother Billie Jo Howell on Monday.

Billie Jo is on hold for the juvenile court system and was booked into the Chatham County Detention Center.

The clerk of the juvenile court system in Chatham County said the case related to Billie Jo Howell is closed, and that its office can’t “discuss the matter.” The court quoted GA rule 2.10, apparently claiming the explaining the hold charge Billie Jo Howell is facing would “affect a fair trial or hearing.”

Billie Jo’s arrest is not in connection with Quinton Simon’s death and disappearance. There is no bond set for her.

Billie Jo did have custody of Quinton and his older brother. Her daughter, Leilani was arrested for the death and disappearance of Quinton on Nov. 21.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information is reported.

Quinton Simon case history:

Police say the last time Quinton was reportedly seen was at 6 a.m. on Oct. 5. The Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) said its prime suspect in Quinton’s death and disappearance is his mom Leilani.

On the morning of his disappearance, Leilani told police that Quinton was taken. Her boyfriend Daniel Youngkin and Quinton’s siblings were also in that home the morning Quinton disappeared.

WSAV knows that police questioned Daniel in the hours after the search for Quinton started. But since then, WSAV doesn’t know where he’s been. 

According to police, Daniel was the last person to say they saw Quinton Simon alive in a pack-n-play at 6 a.m. Three and a half hours later, his mom Leilani alerted police that Quinton was missing.

Police began searching a Chatham County landfill on Oct. 18, because it said evidence led them to believe the 20-month-old toddler’s body was dumped there. However, on Nov. 14, CCPD said the likelihood of finding his remains was low.

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Department of Natural Resources dug through thousands of tons of trash to find him.

According to police, remains were found at the landfill that Law Enforcement had been searching on Friday, Nov. 18. Leilani was arrested a few days later on Nov. 21.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Atlanta confirmed on Nov. 28 that the human remains found at the Superior Landfill belonged to Quinton Simon.