SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Chatham County Police Department has arrested four people that were protesting outside the home of missing toddler Quinton Simon Friday and Saturday night.

Last night, there one protestor was arrested after they were reportedly banging on the windows and doors of the home on Buckhalter Road.

Police have identified the protester as Kimberly Tahyer and charged her with criminal trespassing.

On Friday night, Police say that had to visit the Buckhalter Road home twice on after receiving complaints of people acting disorderly. Three of the protestors blocked the driveway of the home which prevented people from leaving.

According to police, the three people who refused to move from the roadway were William Garrett, Wanda Boatwright, and John Boatwright. All three were arrested.

Each will be charged with disorderly conduct.