CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — It has been 19 days since little Quinton Simon went missing.

The Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) said while they believe Simon is likely dead, they intend to find his remains and bring him home nonetheless.

Since this case began, dozens of investigators comprised of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, police officers and deputies have been working to find the boy.

Initially, they searched by air, with helicopters and drones, then on the ground with dogs. Now that search is concentrated on a landfill in west Chatham County.   

Some of the investigators are working more than 12 hours a day and as you can imagine the cost of all of this is significant.

CCPD told WSAV that some investigators are working 18-hour days. That’s overtime that wasn’t budgeted for and that’s just one of the extra expenses in this case. 

Over the weekend, the search for Quinton’s body at the Chatham County landfill was on pause. CCPD said they used those days to conduct interviews, while the dump was closed. 

On Friday, it became clear how expensive this case has become. 

Chatham County Commissioners approved moving $250,000 to help offset the cost. That money was not from taxpayers but from the fines collected from the county’s school zone cameras. 

In the days after this search started, commissioners were briefed on Quinton’s case. Now, three weeks later, CCPD told WSAV on Monday that the cost of this search has become significant but added investigators will not slow down looking for the missing little boy’s body. 

Police have still yet to charge anyone but named Quinton’s mom Leilani the main suspect in the case.

Police said the landfill search was suspended on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, investigators would conduct several interviews and analyze evidence. They did not say who they were interviewing.

Investigators did not find anything significant in their search of the landfill Monday.