SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — WSAV now has more of an understanding about what cameras will be allowed to show inside the courtroom as Leilani Simon’s murder case continues towards a trial.

A Chatham County judge has handed down a media order with specific instructions.

The order includes 15 guidelines that journalists covering the case must follow – with an understanding that reporters and photographers will have to agree to these rules, ask in advance for permission to bring cameras into hearings, and possibly be required to work together for pool coverage.

A few unique rules include not being able to display videos or pictures of Leilani Simon in body restraints such as handcuffs. The media also isn’t allowed to show the faces or reactions of Simon’s family or show Leilani Simon speaking with her lawyers.

WSAV’s Investigative Unit reported Thursday that after more than 100 days in the Chatham County jail, Leilani Simon is asking for a superior court judge to grant her a bond.

Simon is accused of beating her 20-month-old son Quinton last October and putting his body in a trash dumpster at a nearby mobile home park.

She’s facing 19 charges, including murder and lying to police.