CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — As the search enters its third week, there’s been no sign of little Quinton Simon. Federal agents and Chatham County Police Investigators were back in a nearby landfill on Monday. 

The 20-month-old little boy was last seen almost a month ago at his home in southwest Chatham County. Police told WSAV that his mother, Lelani Simon is their number one suspect in the case.

Her boyfriend and Quinton’s siblings were in that home the morning the toddler disappeared. 

One person we haven’t seen during this search for Quinton, is the boyfriend, Daniel Youngkin. WSAV knows that police questioned Daniel in the hours after the search for Quinton started.

But since then, WSAV doesn’t know where Daniel has been. 

Friday WSAV showed you video of Quinton Simon’s mom Leilani, Grandmother Billie Jo, the little boy’s uncle and others sitting in the front yard of their home. They were face to face with the protestors who have been out here for weeks. 

It has been weeks since Daniel Youngkin was seen at the family home. According to police, Daniel was the last person to say they saw Quinton Simon alive at 6 a.m. on Oct. 5.

Monday, with the help of the NewsNation station in Raleigh, we knocked on the door of the only other address WSAV has for Daniel Youngkin. There were cars out front but no one came to the door. 

WSAV’s Investigative Unit found Daniel has been in trouble before. Police arrested him twice in Harnett County, North Carolina. The same place where WSAV found a mug shot of Leilani Simon.

WSAV was told by the clerk of court’s office, both of Daniel Youngkin’s arrests, the most recent in 2020, involved drugs. It’s unclear if Youngkin and Quiton’s mom are still dating.