One good deed inspires another, and for Peacock Automotive, recognizing those good deeds is just one part of serving the communities they operate in. Whether it’s raising money for the Boys & Girls Club, helping shelter pets find forever homes or collecting donations for disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Peacock Automotive has a long history of working alongside their neighbors to create powerful, tangible change. While championing charity work and community relationships, Peacock Automotive has repeatedly met individuals who find their calling making a difference in the lives of others. Meeting those individuals who continually give back shaped an idea unlike anything Peacock Automotive has done before.

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Inspired by those who give their all to help others, Peacock Automotive created Pay It Forward to empower people who make a difference to continue doing what they do best. This program highlights the hard work of people who Pay It Forward and recognizes them with a token of appreciation, allowing them to take that next step to further their cause. This cycle of giving lent Pay It Forward its name. Peacock Automotive knows the importance of recognizing selfless work, so they found a way to Pay It Forward, one community, one organization, one individual, at a time.

Every two weeks, Peacock Automotive will be bringing you a new recipient, someone who has shown that they care about their community and highlighting their hard work within our communities in the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire. Look out for Pay It Forward segments on WSAV’s The Bridge and this page to learn about volunteer opportunities, community happenings and what your neighbors are doing to Pay It Forward with Peacock Automotive.

Recipients of Pay It Forward

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