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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – There is no singular way to give back and make a difference in your community.

At one Savannah church, a special part of giving back comes from the smallest kids with the some of the biggest hearts around.

“I’ve been in church all of my life, and I’ve never seen a program like this before. I’ve been in ministry over 30 years. I’ve never seen a program like this before,” said John Ross, the minister at Parkway Church of Christ.

The church’s offering program, The Well, gives children the chance to collect gifts of money from adults in the congregation each Sunday.

“You’ve got the adults waving these dollar bills — hopefully more than dollar bills — up in the air,” Ross quipped.

“The kids just have a really good time. It’s really training the children for benevolence,” he added.

The idea is to help them learn that giving back is a good thing and a chance to make a change.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you that they all get it,” Ross said. “To some of them, it’s just a game to run around and get money.

“But, something’s going to sink in. I’m prayerfully optimistic that that’s exactly what’s happening with our children.”

The children’s collection started a few years ago. The original plan was to stuff a makeshift well with money to help build real wells in other parts of the world. The children accomplished that goal several times.

From there, the money has helped to restock a damaged school library, assist a family devastated by the Bryan County tornado and buy Christmas gifts for other kids.

Now, The Well is helping to ease the burden of mounting medical costs for a fellow churchgoer.

“We are a giving congregation. There’s no doubt about that. We love helping people. Our motto, our mantra here, is the greatest command: love God, love each other. This is a way to express love to each other. We see someone in need, we do what we can to help,” Ross said.  

“No questions asked,” he added.

Not a single penny of the money goes back to the church. These dollars don’t pay the bills or help keep the lights on.

“People love to give. People love to give especially if they know that it’s going to a good cause,” Ross said. “Everything that this well money goes to that these kids are collecting for — every bit of it is going to a good cause.”

At the Parkway Church of Christ, the money collected by the smallest hands will always find a way to help someone else with a bigger need.

“It’s not at all about the money,” the minister said. “It’s about kingdom living. It’s about loving other people.”