SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — We love hearing stories of success and sharing them with you. In Thursday’s Paying It Forward, meet a woman making an impact with her lifesaving movement.

Medical experts say 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  

“I never thought it would hit home with a young person,” Shemika Simmons said. “I really didn’t. I supported Breast Cancer Awareness.”

But in 2016 Shemika got a wake-up call. Her 36-year-old cousin Deandre Savage was diagnosed with the disease.  

“She was in the hospital, and I had gotten just an epiphany,” Shemika said. “I was like I’m young and you’re young. We’ve got to tell everybody. We’ve gotta start saving some lives because this is real. I would go pink for you for the month. But saving a life is more than that. It’s priceless.” 

To Pay It Forward, Shemika created a life-saving platform called Go Pink 365. 

“Go Pink 365 means I am my sister and my brother’s keeper,” Shemika said. “And I vow 365 days in a year to make it a conversation piece.” 

She wears a powerful message and speaks about early detection every day. 

“Had you had your mammogram? Oh, you don’t feel good. Did you go to the hospital? Well, did you tell the doctors what was specifically wrong? Did you stay on him?  Those are life-saving conversations,” Shemika said. 

Now for the first time since the pandemic, Shemika is bringing back her fashion extravaganza to raise awareness.

“Have people had mammograms in 2 years?  It’s some people who have been down on their health care in two years and prior to. So this is an awakening now,” Shemika said. 

Paying It Forward she’s added a 50 shades of pink challenge. Money raised will help women in need pay for mammograms on behalf of WSAV’s Buddy Check 3 program. 

“Women talk about the Buddy Check system all the time,” Shemika said. “So I thank News 3. News is constantly there 365. News 3 is 365, the Buddy Check is there 365.”

To get involved in the Go Pink 365 fundraiser and the 50 shades of pink challenge, click or tap here.