SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Life is a good teacher. As we grow, we learn we have the ability to not only help ourselves but help others. 

When you see Maja Ciric you’ll probably see her doing this. Giving is deeply rooted in her heart.

“We only have each other you know, and sometimes you know life is hard, but with the support of others we can make a change,” Maja said. 

Maja grew up in Serbia. Her family lived through challenges like the civil war in the 1990s. Even then, she remained resilient, leaning on what her family taught her about the importance of giving back.   

“And how it’s crucial to have people and organizations that will support you in a time in a hard time,” Maja said. 

Maja supported foster homes and educational initiatives. Fast forward to Sept. 23, 2013. Seven months pregnant, Maja and her husband moved to Atlanta.

“Luckily I’m here,” Maja said. “I’m blessed with everything that life gave me, but that decade made me realize what is important in life and it keeps me in check to never lose perspective.”

Three years later her husband got a job offer in savannah to start a string conservatory at savannah classical academy. A strong believer in education, Maja began volunteering to support these students. 

“Most of the kids would never get exposed to instruments to lessons, to being able to perform on the stage,” Maja said. “I was volunteering for 5 years, and I have seen those kids grow, and I have seen the change.”

Maja is like a magnet, positively touching people from all walks of life in Savannah. She credits her job for giving her a platform to drive home a team message. she’s the marketing manager at step one automotive.

“Step One Automotive Group has really been about the community and trying to leave a lasting legacy,” Maja said. “So that perfect match happened between me and Step One.”

This well-respected woman has great expectations and pours countless hours into so many organizations, including our veterans. 

Chatham County’s veteran’s council thinks highly of Maja. In 2021, they honored her with the bald eagle award.

“It’s community engagement at its finest helping out all of the different communities,” Maja said.

Tina Tyus-Shaw: “Are you the energizer here?”

Maja: “Yes. If you ask them around, they would always say oh yes we love to see you because you’re always smiling, There’s so many reasons that we should be grateful. We should be smiling, we’re here.”

And when you see her, remember Maja will be paying it forward.

“One person can make a difference,” Maja said. “I always believe in that and I still believe in that. That is what I’m trying to do.”

Maja said she’s in love with Savannah’s giving spirit and she encourages all of us to support each other and give back when we can.