SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — What started out as a small gesture by one Savannah woman has now grown into a massive mission to help put food on the tables of an entire community.

This is what Charlene Keith, calls, “love in action.” For the past two years, her “ministry” as some call it, has been a lifeline for those who need a little help putting food on their tables.

“It started Oct. 3, 2020. And I went down to the food bank on Harmon and I was there maybe three to four hours in line. And I would get food. They would give us food. And I got an excess of food. Just too much food for me. So, I would come home and I would offer it to my neighbor across the street.”

Keith is the founder of WF Neighbors Feeding Neighbors. a local grassroots organization with the goal of making our community a better place by providing a free shopping experience for families, in a no-judgment zone.

“It’s like this. I’ve been homeless, right? I’ve been in a shelter,” Keith said. “I have been without. I have been where I’ve had to make decisions whether I wanted to buy food or buy toilet paper.”

Once a month, meats, fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, juice and pantry items line tables at Immanuel Baptist Church, where more than 3,000 people are currently being served. She started by opening her pantry to a few neighbors. 

“We started out feeding three little people,” Keith said. “My neighbor and her two children. And it grew from I was so excited when we reached feeding 100 people a week. That was amazing.”

Once word got out, her carport became a pickup site for hundreds. 

“It went from Windsor Forest Baptist Church over to my church sanctuary and now we’re at Immanuel.”

Before she knew it, with the help of donations and volunteers, her kind gesture began to grow and grow.

“We deliver to, we call it Sweets and Treats and we deliver to our firemen, we deliver to our police officers, we deliver to Safe Shelter, we deliver to Emmaus House, we deliver to our homeless neighbors,” Keith said.

Powered by partnerships, volunteers, and donations, she now has an entire team assembled and a board of directors to help meet every need.

“This is way past me. It is something I never envisioned,” Keith said. “It is God. It is 110% Him.”

Her vision is to one day open a warehouse and to be self-sufficient making sure no one ever goes without the basic necessities of life. 

“You don’t know what someone else is going through. We’re supposed to show the love of Christ,” Keith said. “How is that showing the love of Christ when you can’t help someone? What is that about? We should not be judgmental. Our hearts should be open. Open to say, ‘What do you need?’ If I can help you, I will. And that’s what Neighbors Feeding Neighbors is about.”