SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A local boy’s green thumb is not only helping build his future but also spread cheer to the community.

“Coffee plant, purple waffle, and arrow head,” an ambitious 10-year-old Johannes Jones said while pointing at the many plants he had grown. 

News 3 caught up with Johannes who’s Paying It Forward by planting smiles. 

The Heard Elementary School student is outperforming an assignment that he gave himself.

“Zimioculcas Zamiifolia Jzee plant, better known as and these are our snake plants,” Johannes said. 

In his space of happiness, he’s meshed a love for superheroes with his love for plants to start his business.

“My parents always say money doesn’t grow on trees,” Johannes said. “So my parents said it would be a great idea. I thought it would be a great idea for me to start my own business called Botanical Boy Putts.”

Showcased inside the 4th grader’s greenhouse, a nice array of well nurtured plants.

“How I take care of my plants is I propagate them, repot them, pot them,and prim my plants,” Johannes said. 

Dramatic and inspiring, Johannes shared one of his favorite creations called “Dragonto.”

“Which we got this custom pot, which we had plants in here but they started dying so we took them out but meanwhile we have these right here,” Johannes said. “Dragontos, I have a tag.”

On a mission to sell beautiful plants, this entrepreneur is learning about financial independence and preparing for his future.

“So I don’t have to go to a job. Receive money out of my own business and I can get my own college tuition.”

It’s not all about making money. Botanical Boy loves paying It Forward.

“Well first of all that started September, in September on my birthday when I turned 10, and I gave away 10 plants to a senior community home,” Johannes said.

His parents Nakeisha and Jay are super proud of their son’s talents.

“Anything that he’s desired to do we’ve always wanted to help him do,” Nakeisha said. “He does have employees that help out in the reference of me and his dad. Dad is more of the hands on.  I’m behind the scenes making sure the website is good, the sales are good.”

As Johannes experiences the rewards of his hard work he’s learned to be a cheerful giver.

“Teaching him the blessing that he gives out,” Jay said. “He just don’t take in money, but also give out to other people.”  

“I’m gonna’ give 10 plants each month,” Johannes said. “My motto is, I plant smiles because I wanna see happiness not sadness.”

Caring thoughts planted in the heart of a young child making this world a better place.