Savannah homeowner wants planter in ‘tree lawn’ repaired

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – W. John Mitchell says he is speaking up for all Savannah homeowners who have ever had issues with the “tree lawn.” That’s the strip of grass between the curb and the sidewalk.

Over the years, while informal, it has become expected that homeowners will maintain this area.

“The city suggests it very strongly,” says Mitchell. “I tell you what, if you let it overgrow, property maintenance is going to come by and have a talk with you.”

Mitchell says years ago, his father built a planter around the tree lawn for a flower bed. Mitchell says he rebuilt that more than a decade ago.

However, last month a company contracted by the city to pave Anderson Street, in front of his home, hit the bricks and destroyed most of the structure.

“They come along and crunch right into it and as you can see, when they hit it they knocked some out into the street,” he said.

Mitchell says the bricks were not beyond the curb although that is what a company representative indicated when he initially spoke to them.

He told News 3 the original planter cost about $700 and he expects payment from someone, either the company or the city. “I want this rebuilt by somebody, I really don’t care who,” Mitchell says.

Mitchell says the city can’t ask you to maintain the property and then hire a contractor who destroys it.

“I’m probably not the first homeowner that this has happened to,” he said.

Mitchell told News 3 on Wednesday that he has recently spoken to a company representative who told him they would contact the city.

A city representative told us that Mitchell should call 3-1-1 or contact a city department directly.

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