Savannah graves submerged after weekend rain causes flooding in Woodville Cemetery

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Heavy rain over the weekend caused flooding at one Savannah cemetery. That water unearthed a burial vault.

A family member of the deceased reached out to WSAV after seeing the painful pictures on social media.

“I see that picture over and over again in my head. When my mom first passed away I used to have nightmares of this happening. I would have nightmares of her coming out of the grave or something happening to the grave. I didn’t think that type of fear would ever be a reality,” said Shannon Locke.

Locke lives in Atlanta and can’t personally check on her mother’s plot in Woodville Cemetery.

News 3 spotted crews working in the cemetery on Tuesday cleaning up the graves. A visitor said she has many family members buried there and this flooding is a first.

“We have never had any problems. I have never had any problems. When you look at this drainage ditch here, it’s the ditch and this city and county whoever cleaned it,” said Phyllis Ann Henrick.

News 3 reached out to the City of Savannah. The Stormwater Management Team said they will check the ditch or canal for any blockages that could have caused the problem, which is a typical result of unexpected flooding.

Locke said she hopes no other family will experience her grief.

A school near Woodville Cemetery also has some construction underway. The Stormwater Management Team said they have alerted the city’s project inspector to check for any issues at the site.

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