RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) – The Magnolia Dr. warehouse project is not the only one that has some Rincon residents upset.

They tell News 3 that since talking to city council three weeks ago about that issue, they have learned of more developments in the works.

Now they are fighting back harder than ever, this time in the form of a petition.

It will be presented to Rincon City Council and other Effingham county officials, and it’s garnered nearly 700 signatures. Its goal is to stop numerous rezoning efforts in not just the city, but the county too.

“Basically it’s saying we need to cut down – stop building all these warehouses. Don’t box us in – which is exactly what’s happening,” says Rincon resident Dorie Hamilton.

In addition to the Magnolia Dr. project, some of the other developments in question are on Goshen Rd., Laurel St., and Matt Ct. They entail rezoning and the building of either warehouses or apartment complexes.

Hamilton lives next to the warehouse construction happening behind Matt Ct., and expresses identical concerns to Magnolia Dr. residents.

“I don’t hear so much right now, but we know if they add more to it, there’s gonna be more of it, says Hamilton. “You’ve got warehouses on McCall Rd., you’ve got warehouses over here, you’ve got storage here. There’s just stuff all over, and any green space that we have is gonna be gone.”

As for the Magnolia Dr. warehouse construction, the initial reading was tabled at the May 22 meeting, leaving those it affects feeling frustrated, “It’s not a good fit for us. This is a residential neighborhood. We are already overburdened in Effingham County.”

Reynolds says city council has requested the Magnolia Dr. neighborhood residents meet with developers to form a compromise before the June 1 city council meeting, and after hearing it , will take an initial vote.

Reynolds says this is still not satisfactory.

“I don’t know what we’re actually compromising on,” says Reynolds. “We have asked for the green space to be kept there, enough green space, so we don’t have to look at it. We’ve asked for a separate entrance in and out so they don’t access all of these streets in here.”

News 3 has also reached out to Rincon City Manager Jonathan Lynn, and he was unable to provide us with a comment at the moment but has told us in the past that the city is in a “tough position,” and that they’re trying to balance the rights of all parties involved.