SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A little over 1,000 acres of land alongside Veterans Parkway is raising eyebrows among residents.

The industrial park also known as Rockingham Farms Industrial is encroaching on a neighborhood here in Savannah. Residents on Buckhalter Road are no longer looking at trees that line their backyard, instead, they are seeing a glimpse of a developing industrial park.

Judy Deshea lives on Buckhalter Road and she tells WSAV that she knew about the new warehouses but did not know how close they were going to be. Had she known, she would have thought twice about moving her family and her farm here.

“I also can see all that activity back there – the warehouses back there,” Deshea said. “I see the lights at night, all through the night…and hear the noises back there. It’s not really what I planned of when I moved out to this area that I called to consider the country and opened this little farm.”

Deshea is not the only one who is upset and worried about what the industrial park will mean for the neighborhood – she says her neighbors are outraged. Some having already moved and others planning on packing up soon.

“Two of my neighbors have already bought properties elsewhere,” she explained. “They do not intend to stay here with these disturbances.”

She goes on to say these houses are home to generations of family members. Many are worried about the traffic it will bring to the quiet two-lane neighborhood.

Deshea and her husband’s next move isn’t set in stone, they are waiting it out for right now, but wherever they move it is not going to be easy. They have multiple farm animals to think about.

“We’ll go to a townhouse or a condo where they will not be any maintenance – that’ll be our next step,” she continued. “We’re just going to hold tight for right now.”

Buckhalter Road has allies on neighboring streets. Signs that read: ‘Don’t box us in. Stop the warehouse takeover’ lined the road – signaling support.

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