SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A local neighborhood is facing problems after the City of Savannah attempted to fix a broken pipe. Neighbors are complaining about the dangers the exposed pipe has caused.

Highland’s Square is a beautiful neighborhood in the Pooler/Port Wentworth area. Still, recently it’s been dealing with an ugly and wet mistake left by the City of Savannah water company.

“I’ve never seen this part of the house dry ever even when it hasn’t rained for weeks it’s never been dry because that pipe is still leaking,” Anthony Robles.

Anthony Robles is a resident of the neighborhood, and he tells us that when he moved into his brand-new home almost two years ago, he noticed an extremely high-water bill.

Robles contacted the City of Savannah and they told him the bill was high due to a leak on their end.

The city came and attempted to fix the leaking pipe, but Robles says they only made it worst and when he calls for answers, he’s given the same run around.

“Ever since I purchased this home, we have had this leak that’s behind me and I contacted them almost a year ago they came out and dug a hole they left the hole and ever since then I have tried to contact them,” Anthony Robles.

Robles isn’t just worried about the appearance of the leak he’s also worried about the safety of his family and neighborhood.

“My kids have to play on the street they can’t play here because it’s all soaking wet and there has been people that have fallen here in the middle of the night walking their dog and I just want to get it taken care of,” Anthony Robles.

We contacted the City of Savannah and started asking questions. As of this afternoon, crews have been dispatched to Robles residence and we will keep you updated on the course of action the city decides to take.