TOOMBS COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – A prayer and hope were all Brenda Walker had after her home of 30 years burned to the ground right in front of her.

After seeing her story on WSAV, community members went above and beyond to turn tragedy into triumph.

“I get a call and it’s from Doug Mallard and he calls me, and he says don’t you worry we are going to get you a trailer out there,” Walker said.

Mallard got together some members of the community, and over five families helped Walker get a new trailer.

“I found the story and I started calling my friends and everyone pitched in and was happy to help,” he said. “The mobile home owner, Richie Altman, he got us a trailer at cost, installed a new AC unit and he’s setting it up and delivering it for free, so it’s been a group effort.”

Walker says she was at her lowest, but now she’s grateful everything is working out.

“I call all the guys and everyone who stepped up to help angels on earth,” she said.

Walker’s new home will be delivered on Monday, and she will be moving in on Tuesday.