SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah is definitely one of the best cities for dog lovers in the south. Jamie Lee Curtis even mentioned the city’s affinity for dogs in her farewell post on Facebook after the filming of the new Halloween movie.

With all this love for the four-legged creatures, it might come as a surprise that there are only a few dog parks in Savannah.

Where are they?

Here’s a list of Savannah’s off-leash dog parks and where you can find them.

Herty Pines Dog Park

Located right across from WSAV on E Victory Drive and conveniently close to the Savannah Bananas, the Daffin park dog park is one of the top dog parks in the Savannah area, according to Bring Fido. It has a score of four out of five dog bones on the popular pet-focused website.

The park has two sections and is fully fenced in. One section is for larger dogs and one is for smaller dogs.

Do be warned: this well-traveled dog park can get pretty muddy when it rains. If you’re trying to avoid a mess in your car, you might want to choose another place to go.

Mohawk Lake Dog Park

Located on Mohawk Lake, this dog park is one of the newer parks on this is. Because of this, the area is still grassy and the perfect place to go if you don’t want a dusty dog at the end of your adventure.

This park is on the Southside at 1134 Mohawk Street, about 20 minutes of driving from the heart of downtown Savannah.

It is not listed on Bring Fido so there will be no score for this park.

Mother Mathilda Beasley Park

Located at 500 E. Broad Street, this park has a dog exercise area at the north end of the park. This dog park has a score of three and a half dog bones out of five on Bring Fido. The space for the dogs is smaller than the park at Daffin but people still say in their reviews that their dogs enjoyed spending time there.

As with Herty Pines Dog Park, beware of a lack of grass in the area. There weren’t as many complaints about mud, unlike with the Daffin park area.

Windsor Forest Dog Park

With two fenced in areas this dog park is another great place to go if you live in the area. The fenced in spaces are separated between smaller dogs and larger dogs, giving you a good option if you want to be able to avoid any accidents between the two.

Windsor Forest Dog Park is located at 12412 Woodley Rd about 20 minutes of driving from the heart of downtown Savannah.

Looking for somewhere new? Here is are two parks located just outside of Savannah that people seem to love.

Tom Triplett Park

Recently opened, this dog park is located in Pooler at 100 Tom Triplett Rd. It’s about half an hour from downtown Savannah and it isn’t just a place for dogs to run and play. In fact, it has tunnels and climbing frames for your dog to get to exercise. It has a four out of five dog bones review on Bring Fido.

Did we miss one? If so, send us an email at and the list will be updated as soon as possible.