SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – While Savannah may not be hosting any skiing competitions with its weather, there have still been many times over the past several decades when snow has graced the area with its presence.

The last time that it snowed in the Savannah area was January 3, 2018. That year, there was a total of 2 inches of snow in some parts of the area, though most places settled at a little over one inch.

During that winter storm, schools were closed and roads were empty as residents of Savannah stayed home, enjoying or cursing the winter weather. Savannah’s Hilton Head National Airport was also closed for a period of time due to the conditions outside.

But how often has it snowed in Savannah in recent history?

The National Weather Service can provide some answers to that question.

Each decade since the 1950s has had at least one snowstorm, apart from the 2000s, where some information is not recorded in the database. Much of the data from the 1990s and 2000s was not recorded. Because of this, the data shown in the graph may not be entirely accurate for those decades.

According to the National Weather Service, these are all of the times it has snowed in the Savannah area since the 1950s:

February 13, 1958

Snowfall: 1 inch

February 8, 1968

Snowfall: 3.6 inches

February 10, 1973

Snowfall: 3.2 inches

January 18, 1977

Snowfall: .7 inches

January 31, 1977

Snowfall: 1.3 inches

January 27, 1986

Snowfall: .3 inches

March 1, 1986

Snowfall: 1.1 Inches

February 23, 1989

Snowfall: 1 inch

December 22-24, 1989

Snowfall: 3.6 inches

March 13, 1993

Snowfall: .2 inches

February 4,1996

Snowfall: .2 inches

February 12, 2010

Snowfall: .9 inches

January 3, 2018

Snowfall: 1.2 inches