SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you own a doodle or a poodle and you’ve never been to a doodle romp before, you might be missing out.

A doodle romp is a meetup for those who own poodles and poodle mixes, also called “doodles.” It’s an opportunity for doodle owners to interact and for their dogs to get some fun times with other doodles.

At the Bryan County Bark Park in Richmond Hill, doodles chased one another through puddles and into a pond. They played with dog toys and their non-doodle counterparts as their pet parents chatted in groups.

WSAV NOW spoke with Amanda Gross, the one who brought the doodle romp to Savannah, on what people should know about her group: Savannah Area Doodle Romp.

“I started this group because we had previously lived in Asheville, North Carolina, and we were part of the Asheville doodle romp group there,” Gross explained.

She said that when she moved back to Savannah, she looked for something in her community that was similar.

“We didn’t have anything,” she said. “So, I decided to take it upon myself and start our group here.”

Gross started the group in early 2021. That same year, announced that Goldendoodles were only growing in popularity.

Gross said her group is welcoming to every doodle owner and that the group will be more involved in the community this year than ever before.

“We’d love to have you out and we host events once a month,” she said. “Say hi, stop by and be a part of our community.”

Savannah Area Doodle Romp is active on Instagram and Facebook. See where their next romp will be held.