SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A home can be a sanctuary if it’s well maintained and refreshed with a new look from time to time. Now that summertime is well underway there’s no better time to update your home without spending money.


Excess clutter can make a home look disorganized and give a place for dust and allergens to collect on. This can decrease the overall air quality in your house.  To declutter, start with one room at a time and remember everything needs a home.  If it is a flat surface like tables and countertops, then it should be decluttered.  A quick method for decluttering is to get a basket and gather all that’s on a flat surface and put it in the basket.  Then, put things in their designated place.  If there is no place for items to go then create one, or consider donating items  to charity.  There are many different types of charities that accept donations of household items and clothing.

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Rearrange Furniture

Any large room in your home will get an instant refresh and revitalization by simply rearranging furniture.  It’s a good idea to take accurate measurements of the room and the furniture.  This can help in deciding what to move and where. It’s also important to start with larger pieces of furniture first, which is usually the sofa. Successful furniture arrangements can create natural breaks in larger rooms and prevent foot traffic issues with housemates and guests.

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Switch out Decorations From Room to Room

Decorations can make a home charming and happy.  Switching out decorations such as wall prints, clocks, lamps, candles, vases and art from room to room can add new variations to rooms and touch on new styles. 

Let Sunlight In

This serves multiple purposes. In darker or dingy feeling rooms, opening the curtains, or blinds as part of your daily morning routine allows for strategic natural lighting that can lower energy costs because it can help brighten your space without using electricity. Also, the sunlight can help boost your mood in your home because it increases the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.

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Display Flowers and Plants

Not only does many flowers give off pleasant scents, all flowers and plants freshen the air in the home. If you have flowers growing in your yard, snip some and put them in a vase or jar filled with fresh water. If you don’t have flowers growing then consider asking family or friends for leaf or stem cuttings. Also, their are Facebook groups and online resources where you can find free flowers and plants, especially if you search for gardening or houseplant groups to join.

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