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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A new health benefits scam all over the internet has shocked many at how far advertisements have gone to promote the misinformation.

Across YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and anywhere you find entertainment, there have been sponsored commercials featuring celebrities and alleged recipients of the benefits promoting the deal:

“You have only X days to claim your FREE $6400 subsidy which you can use for groceries, rent, gas and more! See if you qualify today.”

Most scams like this use similar rhetoric, with some individuals even posing as “reporters” from FOX News or CNN to click a link to get a health allowance card.

What is most shocking to many is the use of AI celebrities, with Tom Hanks posting on his Instagram warning others about the misuse of his likeness.

These types of scams are used by identity thieves who collect your personal information as you fill out online forms with your social security and bank information to “qualify.”

Nov. 1 through Jan. 15 is the open enrollment period for Americans to get health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, ACA.

Internet scams use this time of year to prey on those struggling financially with health bills or switching insurance plans.

Avoid scams like this by making sure that websites that involve the government end in .gov.