SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — With just under two weeks left, the 1st Annual Tybee Post Theater Music Fest, scheduled for Nov. 12, has already sold out with 750 tickets sold. 

 “We’re really good at doing concerts,” said Tybee Post Theater Executive Director Evan Goetz.  “So, we thought, how can we expand what we do beyond the four walls that we exist and how do we get out into the community and partner with other organizations and businesses, and that’s sort of how the Music Fest was born.”

For those who didn’t purchase tickets to Music Fest before they were sold out, there are still other opportunities to enjoy a concert offered by the Tybee Post Theater.

“We have an awesome concert the night before (the Music Fest) called I Want My MTV and it’s an 80’s vs 90’s concert so it’s going to be fantastic and that’s actually at the theater itself and tickets are available for that,” said Goetz.

According to the theater, whether it’s big hair, neon, or flannel, the band will keep partying happening on the dance floor all night long at the I Want My MTV concert.

However, for those still disappointed that they didn’t get their tickets to the 1st Annual Tybee Post Theater Music Fest event, Getz suggests booking a room at Hotel Tybee.

“A way to see the concerts without actually having to pay for it is, some of the balconies at the hotel are obstructed from the building but there is still quite a bit that you could see. It’s a little further away than the grounds but you can definitely see them.”

Located on the grounds of Hotel Tybee, those who purchased tickets for the fest will have the opportunity to enjoy nine bands that span multiple genres of music ranging from folk to reggae.

The featured lineup is Indigo Girls, Passafire, Cordovas, The Tams, Music of Motown & Disco, Keystone Postcard, the Aloha Joes, Christy Snow Band, and Amanda Jeter.

The 1st Annual Tybee Post Theater Music Fest is the Tybee Post Theaters’ biggest fundraiser for the year. Those wanting to support the theater can click here.