SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A nonprofit is taking spreading positivity to another level with the help of a mobile glittery pink bus. 

The idea for the Beautiful Strength organization was born when founder Annette McNamara needed to find the words to accept her struggles out loud. 

“I just noticed that there’s a lot of things in the world right now where people are not accepting of themselves as they are,” McNamara said. “We use a lot of filters and it’s very hard to be quote-unquote perfect.” 

Beautiful Strength’s mission celebrates the resilience of the human spirit through the power of conversation and photography.

“As a photographer, you can have the most beautiful person in front of you and they’re like, ‘I don’t like my nose,’ ‘I don’t like my finger,’ ‘I don’t like this,’ — ‘Make me look thin,’ all these things,” McNamara said. “I wanted to do something that was no filters, no photoshop just people on a straight-on shot and how we actually really look.” 

McNamara said she was ready to take things mobile. 

For the past few months, she has been traveling state to state in a glittery pink school bus providing phototherapy sessions to all. 

“I have always loved traveling, like I grew up in Iowa, I moved to California on a Greyhound bus, I moved sight unseen to Missouri, I moved to Nashville without ever being there,” McNamara said. “So, I’m a nomad at heart and then also, I think I see the world as a bigger picture.”

And McNamara said a good majority of her photo sessions are spontaneous. 

“Sometimes it’s very brief, like, it’s like I’m at a gas station or I’m at a Walmart parking lot, the beach,” McNamara said. “When people come in and realize what I’m doing they’re like, ‘Woah this is way, way bigger.’”   

She said she hopes if anything people will walk away from the experience feeling better about themselves and others compared to how they felt before their experience with beautiful strength.