SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has announced Darrell Naylor-Johnson as the new vice president for SCAD in Savannah.

Naylor-Johnson’s professional experience in higher education includes teaching in the fine arts and humanities combined with strategic leadership across numerous administrative areas.

“Becoming the new VP of SCAD Savannah is a remarkable privilege and honor,” Naylor-Johnson said. “I have been a member of the Savannah and SCAD communities for more than 30 years, I raised my family here and helped countless students make their dreams a reality.  I am excited to bring these two communities that I cherish even closer together.”

As vice president for SCAD Savannah, Naylor-Johnson will serve as an ambassador to the Savannah community and champion SCAD SERVE collaborations, lead SCAD’s Office of Inclusion, and oversee the leadership of the university’s Savannah location. He will also work closely with global leaders to ensure success across all SCAD Savannah departments and areas. ​​

Naylor-Johnson joined SCAD in 1992 as a professor and has impacted the SCAD community as a leader in numerous VP roles including.  He is also a SCAD alumnus.  

As an active contributor to the Savannah community, Naylor-Johnson has served on numerous organizations and agency boards, including the West Broad Street YMCA, Beach Institute African American Cultural Center, vestry of the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and Georgia Department of Children and Youth Services.

Additionally, he spent several years leading community art and mural collaborations and has been involved with numerous City of Savannah initiatives spanning city and county administrations.

“I have witnessed SCAD’s long legacy of giving in Savannah, from creating civil rights and Holocaust moments, to uplifting diverse voices, and rallying our students to volunteer and help solve problems. I intend to continue building on these positive past experiences in this new role. Strengthening and deepening the ties between the local community and SCAD will make Savannah a more beautiful, creative, inclusive, and inspiring place for all of us,” said Naylor-Johnson.

More information about SCAD Savannah can be found at Savannah, GA – SCAD Locations – Savannah College of Art and Design |