SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — For some, a New Year’s resolution is not what goes in one year and out the other, but instead, a goal made to make their lives better or to fulfill a childhood dream.

Here is what some Savannah residents shared about their New Year’s resolution:

Ashley Wehrs (photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

“Reading more books and I really want to make sure that I’m spending more time to curve out me time and self-care to balance between everything else,” Ashley Wehrs told WSAV.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my husband. We had a baby about a year and a half ago, so, last year we made a pact to spend every few months to go on a date,” Kristin Singleton said while holding her baby. “Now, we’re doing it like once a month to do that, and then spend just more time out as a family. We also have plans to do things like go out as a family, so we’re doing things like Ren Fair in April, Dragon Con in August. So, spending more time with like family, friends, just going out more, I guess now.”

Abby Edwards (photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

“My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to skateboard because I was never allowed to when I was a kid,” Abby Edwards told WSAV. “So, I’m like healing my inner child by learning how to skateboard as an adult.”