SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Sunday will be almost like a holiday for many as the Big Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philidelphia Eagles airs live at 6:30 p.m. EST.

Not only do most fans look forward to seeing who will victoriously earn the Vince Lombardi Trophy, they also look forward to the commercials, halftime shows and the food.

Here’s what Savannah residents will be eating on the Big Game day.

Sincere Dubuoy

“Chili and hotdogs”

Shadae Stephens

“I’ll say maybe lemon pepper wings, cheese and dip and also I’ll probably make subs, like little mini subs because my kids and my boyfriend love them.”

Janice Fuller

“My son-in-law does that. He makes a smoked butt, he barbecues, and all the fixins and then all the friends come and we just hang out.”

Andrea Powell

“We had a small family emergency, so we canceled our party that we were going to do. We’re still going to gather and watch it; we’re just not going to make a big celebration out of it this year. Typically, when we do stuff like that, we just do snacks, so we’ll do Chex mix, chips and dip and things like that. We keep it light so that we can travel to and from.”

Alma Mikell

“We haven’t decided yet. My birthday is on Thursday, so I’m going to where I want to eat Thursday and then they choose where they want to eat Sunday. But my son-in-law is a chef, he makes really good wings, he does great seafood. His name is Robin Reeves.”

Jackie Osterman

“I’m cooking what I would normally cook on a Sunday, a diet-friendly dish. Probably a very low-carb pizza because it’s Sunday, my day to go wild. I do a cauliflower crust and a low sugar sauce and some meats, lots of veggies and low-fat cheese.”

Eugene Campbell

“I’m going all out. I will be making cheesesteaks, hot links, chicken buffalo dip and hot wings.”

Sara Parker

“My husband will barbecue, and I’ll make some desserts.”

Tonya Graham

“I will be at the Super Bowl, we bought tickets.”