SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah Philharmonic has built their upcoming 2022-2023 season on the idea that music is music and will have something for everyone.   

Conducted by Keitaro Harada, Savannah Philharmonic will be performing in local neighborhoods, bringing subscriptions back in a new and accessible way, and programming like never before.

Executive Director Amy Williams said, “We’re really excited to actually open the season and we will have the Phil The Neighborhood series where we will be popping up in nine different neighborhoods across the Savannah region to really bring the orchestra into the community.”

The series is a three weekend-long musical extravaganza that will consist of free, outdoor, one-hour concerts.  The first one will begin at the Isle of Hope Marina on September 16th and the final performance will be at the Habersham YMCA on Oct. 2.

“Everything leads up to Phil The Park on October 8th” said Williams.  

Phil The Park is Savannah’s largest outdoor concert of the season.  It will feature the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus.  

Those in attendance will be able to relax on their lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy a meal from the local food trucks while listening to music from local army bands, blues artists from Clarksdale, American Traditions Vocal Competition winners, and more.

Amy Williams, Savannah Philharmonic Executive Director. Photo provided.

“We’re actually a community-focused arts organization. We bring Savannah Philharmonic into the community and invite the community to join us,” said Williams. “We really want everyone to feel like they belong alongside us.”

To those who have never been to a classical music or orchestra concert Williams says, “Really, if they love music they should come on out because it’s not about being an orchestra that only plays classical music, it is truly music for the sake of music.  So it’s all about if they love music then there’s something they will find enjoyable.”.

Savannah Philharmonic’s mission is be an innovative and influential arts organization that will entertain, inspire and build community throughout the region.

One of the ways they aim to inspire and build the community is by having education programming that will be reaching all schools in Savannah Chatham County and beyond.  

“It’s the hope that these young musicians then go home and are excited about the orchestra and they bring their families to the orchestra concerts and to see us.  So we really break down that barrier between the stage and the audience,” said Williams.

The significance of breaking down that barrier and being accessible to the community is something that Williams truly understands.

“When I was a child I didn’t have the opportunity to see an orchestra live because my parents didn’t feel it was for us.  It consisted of the pricing being too high.  It consisted of my family not being musicians and not necessarily knowing what to wear to a concert,” said Williams. “So really, as we lean into being a community-focused arts organization that’s sort of at the heart of it.  I did not hear a professional orchestra play until I was in college as a music major.”

To purchase tickets for the Savannah Philharmonic performances go to 2022 – 2023 Season – The Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus or call their office at 912-232-6002.  Those looking to hire the orchestra can also call their office.

Those interested in being a musician in the Savannah Philharmonic orchestra may have the opportunity to audition next season when they have professional auditions. They will have national searches and auditions for any opening they have in the orchestra.

For more information visit Home – The Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus.