SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Easter, also called Resurrection Sunday, is a Christian holiday commemorating the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, described in the New Testament of the Bible.  

Savannah locals share what songs they might put on a good playlist for Easter Sunday and why.

  1. He Lives by Matt Maher –  Carol Letcher said,Because He lives, He’s risen.”
  1. Good Morning Gorgeous by Mary J. Blige Navada Cooper said, “It reminds me of happiness, it makes most women feel happy.”
  1. I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney HoustonCourtney Johnston said, “It’s a happy song and you can never go wrong with Whitney”
  1. Sunday Best by SurfacesElizabeth Hadaway said, “It’s a good feel good song and makes you get up and move.”
  1. The Letting Go by local Savannah artist Levi Moore – Dominique Matthews said, “It’s a feel good, relaxing song on what’s supposed to be a celebratory morning.”
  1. By Your Side by Rod Wave – Ross Polite said, “It  puts me in a good mood.”
  1. Family Affair by Mary J. BligeKia Polite said, “It makes you want to dance and be with family on Easter.”
  1. Here Comes Peter CottonTail by Gene Autry – Bud Martin said, “Because I know the words.”
  1. Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran – Kay Martin said, “I like the beat and it brings out fun emotions.”
  1. Amazing Grace (first recorded by the Original Sacred Harp Choir) – Charmaine Jones said, “I think it’s very meaningful because of the writer’s experience which led him to write the song.” Kay Martin said, “Amazing Grace brings out strong heavy emotional feelings and makes you think about Jesus and Life.”
  1. The Blood Medley Parts 1 and 2 by Donnie McClurkin – Keisha Johnson said, “This song reminds me of what Jesus did on the Cross, how He died so we can live.”
  2. Catch the Sun by Lil Baby – Tee McCray said, “It’s an inspiring song.  Easter is inspiring.”
  3. I’m Real by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule – Cloud Niklause said, “Because it’s a classic throwback.”
  1. Rocket Man by Elton John – Andrew Klumb said “It’s easy listening but there’s also a little kick to it so you kind of get that energy boost too.”
  1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno MarsJoey (4 years old) said, he likes to dance to it and “Because I do.” 
  1. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Diana Ross – John Jones said, “It gets you feeling good. It’s Sunday, right? It’s nothing’s gonna stop me from getting to you, and you being God or whoever it is that makes your day better.”

17. St Matthew Passion by Bach – Kurt Ollmann said, “It’s about Easter, about the Passion of Christ and it’s sublime music.”

  1. He Rose (African American Spiritual) – Charles Williams said, “Because it represents the fact that Jesus did rise from the grave and it should be noted for everybody to know that the Savior is alive and He’s not dead.