Savannah elementary school adds color to curriculum with new mural


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Garden City Elementary has added a pop of color to its curriculum with a new welcome garden.

In collaboration with Loop It Up Savannah, Inc. and two local artists, Allison Hall and Juliana Lupacchino, the school’s new mural is gracing the hallways with hopes to inspire young learners.

Garden City Elementary Principal Kimberly Dozier said the mural is based on the school’s outlook for the new year.

“The vision for our school year is to introduce students back to the classroom, but in a grand way,” Dozier said, “in a way where we can adjust to the environment that we’re currently in, but also to bring something that we know is impactful to education, and that is project-based learning.”

The vibrant painting highlights the school’s push for art integration into their program STEAM — or science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

This new program allows students to expand their knowledge of these subjects while emphasizing creativity.

“Arts integration is a key component to that because art supports so many things,” Dozier said. “It supports not only students’ academics but also supports the social, emotional learning for students and for staff as well.”

The youth arts nonprofit Loop It Up Savannah, Inc. works with schools, community centers, neighborhoods and partners with nonprofits to bring arts and enrichment programs to young people throughout the city of Savannah.

After having partnered with another local elementary school, Loop It Up Executive Director Molly Lieberman said working with Garden City Elementary was a yes.

“I was really excited that we could expand that support to another school, so it was sort of a no-brainer that we would jump in here get involved,” Lieberman said. “She shared with me her vision of really having a bright colorful welcome to just welcome students and staff back after this difficult year and we’ve been away doing virtual learning, hybrid learning.

Artist Juliana Lupacchino can be found on her website at and Allison Hall can be found at and on Instagram @thesmallcreative.

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