SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – November marks National Adoption Month, and Savannah’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are working to help children find their forever families. 

With over 300 children in the Chatham County foster care system, CASA trains community volunteers that advocate for children’s best interest in foster care.

“The children that we serve can be newborns all the way up to 21-years-old, so depending on what a child’s experience is and maybe their mistrust of adults, they can respond differently to a CASA volunteer,” CASA Executive Director Kate Blair said. “Our children are so appreciative that somebody is in their life — someone that’s not being paid to be there but is there just because that they care and is with them through the entire process.”

Through reunification and adoption, CASA helps grow and heal households. 

“When a CASA volunteer can see families repaired or families growing, it’s such a rewarding experience,” Blair said. “It’s incredibly touching each time I see a community volunteer is able to make such a tremendous impact on a child.”

“That sometimes just means being that person beside them during a traumatic time,” she continued. “Other times it means the person that’s pushing them to be better in school, do well in sports and cheer them on in all of the things that they are doing.”

More than 50 percent of children are returned home to their families and reunified. As an adoptive mother herself, Blair said she knows first-hand what it’s like. 

“I’m an adoptive parent of two children; my sons are 13 and 14 years old,” Blair said. 

“I know that there is such beauty in adoption,” she said. “You have children that have experienced some highly traumatic things, so to be able to find a forever family, to be able to have someone bring you into their home and love you as their child is an incredibly powerful thing.”

If you’re interested in becoming a CASA volunteer you click or tap here.