SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — One local business is creating an app to help underserved communities in the area stay healthy.

Savannah-based AdMoER Inc. created a system you can download to your device that will help protect the most vulnerable from contagions like COVID-19 and the flu.

Board members say the app is expected to help get the community back to “pre-pandemic normal” by keeping track of your vitals and alerting you to others around you who may be contagious.

“By identifying people that are most at risk, people with fevers, etcetera, the system can find that and identify it. We’re looking at reducing the risk to those most vulnerable,” AdMoER Inc. Board Member Keith Fletcher said.

“So that would let us get back to regular life. If we can protect those that are going to get sick and have a worse outcome,” he added.

AdMoER Inc. rolled out beta testing Wednesday. Mayor Van Johnson attended the launch, saying the company’s plans are a step in the right direction for the city.

“This beta testing is an exciting new development,” Johnson said. “From crisis comes creativity. We certainly want to welcome this new business here to our community. It’ll be a big step for the health of our community members and those worldwide.”

The technology works similarly to a heartrate monitor device. The user can wear an appliance that keeps track of their temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels and other vitals while alerting them that they might be sick.

Then, the user can decide if they want to bring the data to their physician or get tested.

The app will also alert you if you are in proximity to someone who is showing signs that they might be sick or who is vulnerable to illness.

Company officials say data privacy is their number one priority, and the application will never share your name or any other information. Users will be identified by a serial number.

AdMoER Inc. is partnering with Healthy Savannah to target community members the system could be most useful for.

Paula Kreissler, executive director of Healthy Savannah and project director of the Racial & Ethnic Approaches to Community Health Grant, told WSAV NOW she’s excited to see what comes of the partnership and the ways it will help underserved communities locally.

“I believe we can get to a place where we don’t have an underserved community. We can lift our population up,” Kreissler said. “No one out there wants to be unhealthy. They want healthy food, they want to be active, they want the healthy choice to be the easy choice.”

AdMoER Inc.’s equity policy states its commitment to free-of-charge services to individuals and clinics in underserved communities across the United States and internationally, in countries struggling with extreme poverty.

“We hope we will get the support and partnership of the federal, state and local institutions taking care of the health of the American people and as well of the application store providers to be able to deliver to those in need and save countless lives,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher says they expect the app to be available within the next 60 to 90 days.

“The company will also actively seek the support of international institutions and global mobile operators and application vendors in order to carry out its plans,” he added.