SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A local author has published her second romance novel after opening her own publishing company. Leigh Ebberwein said at in an interview are her book signing Monday that her books are in part inspired by her experiences living in the Savannah area.

Ebberwein’s debut novel was called “The Blessing of the Celtic Curse,” kicking off the series with a romance between a woman from Savannah and a man from Ireland. Now, the newest book entitled “The Savannah Gondolier” brings its readers to Italy.

“So many things are true Savannah and Tybee things,” Ebberwein explained.

Ebberwein started writing less than three years ago when she was suddenly inspired to craft her own series. The series, called “The Saints of Savannah,” follows the experiences of a friend group of six girls. Each of the women has their own path that leads them to love.

Ebberwein said that her main goal with writing these books is to inspire more joy in others.

“I think that there’s a lot of serious things out there,” she said, “I think people read to relax and for entertainment and I just want to make people happy.”

The series is available in many places, like through Amazon by clicking the link here, or you can buy them locally at E. Shaver Booksellers.