SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Kreskin Torres, also known online as “Rideshare Foodie,” recently made his way to the Hostess City to enjoy some Savannah grub.

He is a man on a mission to visit and eat at every state in America.

Over the past four years, the Baltimore native has traveled to different states working for Uber while documenting his mouth-watering meals on the go in his online food blog.

“The Rideshare Foodie is a combination of combining Uber with blogging about food,” Torres said. “I decided four years ago that I was going to explore Maryland and get outside of my hometown of Baltimore and see what it was like in other cities.

“The food, the culture and Uber provided a great way to do that.”

Trying to figure out a way to maximize and get the most out of driving for Uber — Torress’ blog bloomed.

“Since you get to go to different parts of the country, different parts of cities and different neighborhoods, I get to find out where the best places to eat in every neighborhood,” Torres said. “It’s been a phenomenal journey and really awesome.”

Traveling up to three months out of the year, Torres said he’s trying to see as much of the United States as he can.

“I’ve done most of the major cities so now I’m focusing on the smaller towns,” Torres said. “They have a Kool-Aid festival in Nebraska, a Long Island event in Kingsport, Tennessee — ‘Home of the Long Island Iced Tea.'”

He continued: “It’s these little events in these different towns that I want to really get to explore because they get forgotten- a lot of people don’t know about them.”

Torres shared with WSAV NOW one of his favorite meals is not one many think to put together: cinnamon rolls and chili.

On his stop in Savannah, we met Torres at Randy’s Bar-B-Q, where he gave us his trusted review.

“I had me the rib and chicken combo,” Torres said. “It’s a huge delight and it’s a huge favorite.”

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