SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Everyone knows that Savannah is not the coldest city in America. But when the weather starts to dip into the 40’s, a craving might kick in for something warm and homely to eat. Here are some recipes you can enjoy when the weather is not so enjoyable.

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

This soup recipe by “Ahead of Thyme” will be sure to warm your heart on a chilly day. It takes only one pot to cook in, so you won’t have as much cleanup compared to some other recipes on this list. This certainly checks all the boxes for a quick, easy recipe that you can feel good about eating. It takes only 45 minutes to make with most of that time being the soup cooking on the stove.

Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti

Are you not in the soup mood? Then this recipe from “The Spruce Eats” is for you. Featuring only six ingredients, this ziti dish can also be made even easier by using a rotisserie chicken instead of cooking the chicken yourself. It takes around 45 minutes to make with most of that time being spent in the oven.

Brunswick Stew

There’s never a bad time for Brunswick Stew. That being said, there’s something that makes it all the better when you’re wrapped in a thick sweater and savoring every warm bite. This recipe from Ashlyn Edwards at “Belle of the Kitchen” will be sure to soothe the soul. It takes around an hour and 45 minutes, not accounting the time it takes to smoke the pork. If you don’t have the time to smoke some pork, you can grab some from the grocery store and keep on cooking.

Chicken Enchiladas

Looking for something easy to try? These enchiladas from “Isabel Eats” will be right up your alley. This recipe is quick and simple, but you can make it more complicated by making your own enchilada sauce or baking your own chicken. It takes around half an hour to make with most of the time being spent cooking in the oven.

Shepherd’s Pie

This hearty meal may take a bit time and include a few more ingredients than other recipes on this list but it won’t disappoint. This recipe by “The Wholesome Dish” includes beef (or lamb), potatoes and all the other classic elements of a shepherd’s pie. It takes just over an hour to make with much of that time being in the oven.